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Primrose Hotel

Posted by Staff / Posted on January 1, 2011

Primrose HotelThe Primrose Hotel on Carlton St. in Toronto isn't going to win any awards. The reasons someone might want to stay here is that the hotel is (a) somewhat close to Ryerson University, (b) a short walk from the Village, (c) a short walk to the College St. subway station or (d) relatively close to the Carlu, MaRs building and a few Toronto hospitals. Beyond this, those looking to actually stay in a nice or liveable part of Toronto should look elsewhere.


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Kate Miranda / April 2, 2011 at 01:23 pm
It is certainly a TERRIBLE choice for the high tech traveller. What they call wireless broadband is a service with a firewall that restricts you to simple web browsing and web mail. You can't even use Outlook. All the ports are disabled.

Welcome to the Internet in 1995.

You can't web conference, use collaborative tools, file share or .... as I needed to do, access a virtual platform to coordinate an international music event.

Wake up Primrose, the world is passing you bye and leaving you behind.

And they don't even apologize for not providing a service that is more accessible in almost every mom and pop motel across North American.

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