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Analogue Gallery

Posted by Guest Contributor / Posted on February 16, 2010

Analogue GalleryAnalogue Gallery is a newish Queen West gallery that aims to exhume from the annals of music history the unpublished images of noted photographers. For music lovers, the small space is a spine-tingling taste of the ubiquitous. From a pensive portrait of Leonard Cohen to a low angle shot of a leggy Debbie Harry (live and in her prime) to a bizarrely gilded Bjork writhing at the mike, the rich walls of the Analogue Gallery revivify the music world simply by being.

Analogue GalleryBut Analogue's creative director and music photographer, Lucia Graca, has an M.O. that extends far beyond recovering the lost moments of music's past. Graca maintains that she "resents the fact that young people can't afford original artwork" and by keeping costs down on images snapped within the last ten years (starting at $100), she feels she provides to youthful collectors authentic works that "say something about their generation."

Analogue GalleryThough the carefully curated Analogue Gallery does retain an impressive catalogue of distinguished photographers, Graca plans on expanding her collection to support local work. Currently, the gallery features selections from Toronto's own Barrie Wentzell, who has snapped the likes of Diana Ross, Bob Dylan and the Beatles, to name a few.

Analogue GalleryIf nothing else, Analogue, hauntingly alive in its stunning portraiture of past and present, reawakens within us the idea that music has altered the face of history and for that reason, the Toronto gallery does its part to assure us that rock and roll - in all of is permutations - will never die.

Analogue GalleryAnalogue GalleryAnalogue Gallery Toronto

Writing by Erin Hershberg. Photos by Jason Taveres



Shaba / February 16, 2010 at 02:23 pm
This gallery is a refreshing change from the mundane. The superficial and many times exorbitant pricing often found in Toronto galleries are exclusive to those who can afford it, but may not understand or have passion for the pieces they aquire.
The photography is edgy through the ages, the ambience is inviting and relaxing, and the area is eclectic and exciting.
Analogue gallery has a bright and promising future ahead!
Karen Tavener / February 16, 2010 at 04:36 pm
Terrific article. I recently had the opportunity to visit Analogue and I'm thrilled that we have such an outstanding gallery right here in Toronto. All the very best to Lucia Graca and her team for having the insight and vision to provide Torontonians with such an amazing venue.
Caroline / April 2, 2010 at 08:31 pm
My friends and I walked in here today. We're just teenagers so we couldn't really afford the artwork (I was the only one who walked out with anything, and it was just a five dollar card) but there wasn't any pressure to buy something or leave, like a lot of art galleries I pop into. Usually they get a bit annoyed if a few teenagers walk in, not intent on buying anything, but the woman working there was super nice and gave us all their business card. By the way, their business cards are so cute. They're little 3x7cm cards with minis of the photographs on display. She gave my friend a card with the same photo that my friend said she liked on it. And when I bought the $5 card, she went to the back to get change and I saw that they were having a little picnic-like thing behind their store in lawn chairs. One of the people handed her a bunch of five dollar bills out of their pocket. It was just really cute and charming to see how easygoing the people running the gallery were. I'm definitely going back. The photographs are fantastic and so are the people working there.
adam / April 16, 2010 at 11:38 am
Ya, we really liked the place too. Owners are pretty cool too
CabDoork / March 16, 2012 at 05:07 am
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