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Rocket Cycle

Posted by Staff / Posted on August 15, 2014

rocket cycle torontoRocket Cycle is the Cadillac of spinning studios - or maybe calling it the Porter Airlines of spinning studios is more accurate. The studio's space is elegant and immaculate, but without pretention. Everything about the studio has been designed to make it welcoming to all, creating as seamless a rider experience as possible. Partners Dana Rocket and Rory Pederzolli are on a mission to remove the intimidation factor from indoor cycling.

You sign up for classes online and you can even chose your bike. In order to avoid bottlenecks at the front desk before classes, you can sign in using their wall-mounted iPads by punching in your cell phone number. Don't have cycling shoes? You can borrow theirs. Grossed out by sweaty spinning bikes? They clean the whole studio between each class.

rocket cycle torontoLocated in my 'hood, on St. Clair at the top of Christie, right above neighbourhood landmark World Class Bakers, Rocket opened quietly this summer in a community not yet saturated with fitness facilities. I tried the Rookie Ride on a Thursday morning at 10:30am. Although I've been spinning a long time, the class fit into my unorthodox schedule. Who can attend a spin class at that time, besides self-employed folks like myself? Well, apparently, a lot of people! The 9:30am class just finishing when I arrived was packed, and a dozen of us filed in for the Rookie Ride.

rocket cycle torontoLots of people are scared off of trying spinning because it is perceived to be only for elite level athletes and very fit folks, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is an activity well-suited for individuals of all abilities and, actually, has a short learning curve as there is no complicated choreography to master. In addition, it is a completely non-impact exercise perfect for individuals with joint problems or other musculoskeletal issues that limit what they can do.

rocket cycle torontoI believe that the intimidation factor is driven by the attitude you get at a lot of spinning studios, which is largely driven by the outdoor/competitive cyclists who use spinning as off-season training. These folks tend to hold very rigid beliefs about what spinning classes should be like (i.e. should be solely designed to mimic outdoor cycling).

rocket cycle torontoThe problem is that type of training is incredibly monotonous, and generally soundtracked by obnoxious 'club' music. The majority of spinners are just group fitness enthusiasts looking for a good workout, and if said workout is not fun, we're not coming back. Music should be stuff that I would enjoy listening to in any other context, not just stuff with a strong beat that is reminiscent of drilling cement.

rocket cycle torontoThe class, co-taught by Rory and instructor Amy, was definitely both fun and a good workout. The music was awesome. Although designed to be appropriate even for the most novice spinner, advanced-level riders will also get a killer workout. It's kind of retro-style spinning which I remember from when spinning first got popular in the late '90s: variety, energy, personality and good coaching. The big different between beginner and advanced classes is simply the level of instruction geared toward those stll getting used to the technique, positioning and terminology.

rocket cycle torontoBoth Dana and Rory have been thrilled by their fast success and amazed by the friendliness of the community. Even other businesses have been welcoming and encouraging. If you have ever thought of trying spinning but were too intimidated to do so, I urge you to check out Rocket Cycle. You will feel comfortable, regardless of your fitness or experience level.

rocket cycle torontoClasses can be purchased individually for $20 each, or in packages of five ($95), 10 ($180), 25 ($399) or 50 ($750). Special discounts are available for students.

rocket cycle torontoPhotos by Jesse Milns.



Victoria Duncan / August 15, 2014 at 10:45 am
It looks so beautiful. Who is the designer? I visited ones when it was just opened but would like to know the name of the designer. Could you please post it as I would like to get in touch with he/she :)

JDP / August 18, 2014 at 09:11 am
Signed up for a class this weekend. Easy online sign up and the class with Rory was FANTASTIC - great facility and atmosphere - highly recommend.
Harvey Wise Design replying to a comment from Victoria Duncan / August 19, 2014 at 02:01 pm
Hello Victoria, Thank you for your feedback. Harvey Wise Design is the firm that did the design work for Rocket Cycle. Their website is under construction but their contact information is available.
CS / August 23, 2014 at 06:45 pm
This place looks great, however what is putting me off is the fact that they don't offer a trial package like many other studios (spin or otherwise). My husband and I just moved to this area, but with nothing to sway us from our regular studio we probably won't be switching.
Crsbrg / April 6, 2015 at 02:29 pm
Rocket Cycle offers some fantastic cardio work out classes however it does not come without it's faults.
To start, it is well known, the that front desk team is possibly the most rude in the city of Toronto. I receive better service and respect when I check out at the Dollarstore let alone somewhere i'm paying about $80 per week to work out. The women there are clearly nice to the guests they know, but if you're not from the neighbourhood don't expect to be even smiled at.
Second, the do not care about customer retention. I understand they have a 12 hour cancellation policy and completely respect that, however when someone who visits the studio three to five times a week calls to for the first time ever to explain they have to stay home with their sick child and miss the class, there is no remorse - they will not make an exception and refund your class.
Lastly, the music at Rory's classes are similar to that off the soundtrack a 14 year old heart broken teenage girl would listen to. I kid you not, one of his usual songs is Spice Girls Viva Forever and he also love's TLC waterfalls. The music is such a huge part of spinning and his classes lack that hugely. He should just use one of Dana's playlists if he wants to keep any clients happy. I've seen people texting in his classes they're so bored and rather than be offended i've been jealous that they were smart enough to bring their phone into the class.
CI replying to a comment from Crsbrg / May 6, 2015 at 11:08 pm
I don't agree with those statements at all. When I went there to sign up and purchase classes the people at the front desk were extremely kind. They even showed me on their computer how to register for classes. Also, when I went to borrow shoes and found they had run out of my size, the guy at the front desk went looking and made sure he found me a pair. They could not be more helpful. As for their cancellation policy, it is what it is. If you cancel last minute you pay. And I LOVED Rory's music! It kept me pumped the whole time! Everyone has different tastes, that's why they have different instructors with different playlists. I even got my friend to try a class solely from describing Rory's music.

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