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This Week in Film: April 27, 2007

Posted by Johnny Vong / April 27, 2007

hotdocsrecap_042707.jpgWe hope you've been enjoying the Hot Docs coverage. We're having a great time at the festival this year; it's well-organized, friendly, and best of all the films have been spectacular -- through and through.

But there's THREE more days left... so if you haven't had the opportunity to do the Hot Docs experience yet, then you need to get out this weekend and check something out. Of course, we love to hear about any gems you might discover so hit that comment box when you get the chance.

The following is a recap of all the reviews and coverage we've posted this week:

The Bodybuilder and I -- "If Werner Herzog had made Little Miss Sunshine, the results might look something like The Bodybuilder and I -- brave, funny, unflinching, a little crazy but always starkly honest." (Review by Johnny)

Crazy -- "This is a compelling piece of work that brought tears to my eyes on numerous occasions and is clearly the result of a monumental talent." (Review by Matt T)

In the Shadow of the Moon -- "[...] manages to strike the precise balance between dreamy reverence for the sheer magnitude of the Moon mission - people actually did this?! - and the on-the-ground charm of the nine surviving men who are alone among their species in having actually stood on another world." (Review by Matt B)

Ghosts of Abu Graib -- "If nothing new, Ghosts of Abu Graib at least tries to bring these fuzzy "half-truths" into focus, and does so with enough steam and vigor that kept me thoroughly engaged -- albeit pissed off -- right up to the very end." (Review by Johnny)

Girls Rock -- "The film is also perhaps less polished than some of its Hot Docs peers. But who cares? It's all so damn fun." (Review by Matt B)

Helvetica -- "[...] solidly made and absolutely gorgeous to look at [...] But you're not ten minutes into this movie when you realize the trap you've been caught in - 'oh right, it's a film about graphic design.' Lean back in the chairs." (Review Matt B)

Your Mommy Kills Animals -- (Listen to the interview with Curt Johnson by Andrea)

Last Call at the Gladstone Hotel -- "If you have any interest in the debate surrounding gentrification or simply the Gladstone itself you must see this unique slice of T.O. history unfold on screen." (Review by Matt T)

Let's All Hate Toronto -- "[it] won't change the way you think about the world, but it just might make you think differently about Toronto. At the very least, you'll get some good laughs along the way." (Review by Ian)

Protagonist -- "What I [expected] from it [was] to suggest the greater human complexities that cannot be shown -- puppets are a good start, but not enough." (Review by Johnny)

Super Amigos -- "Has a charming weirdness about it that's comparable to watching a Spike Jonze video but with a healthy dose of social consciousness. It's also punchy and flamboyant -- like the amigos themselves -- but thankfully doesn't lower itself towards outright camp." (Review by Johnny)

Walk Into The Sea: Danny Williams And The Warhol Factory -- "One of my favourite docs at Hot Docs so far." (Review by Andrea)

Yoga Inc. -- "Despite some pacing issues this documentary is supremely interesting and serves as a perfect snapshot of an industry that has grown from hippie past time to yuppie powerhouse." (Review by Matt T)

Zoo -- "With simple and often hauntingly surreal cinematography and a score that brings to mind equal parts Harry Potter and Philip Glass, Zoo kept me locked in despite feelings of dread and discomfort." (Review by Matt T)



Matt / April 27, 2007 at 02:36 pm
Terrific recap, Johnny. Enjoy the final three days!
RandomTangent / April 27, 2007 at 07:46 pm
Good reviews, everyone. I've had fun this year, and I have a few more to look forward to this weekend. High hopes for Everything's Cool, cuz I loved Blue Vinyl when it opened (or closed, I forget) the festival a few years ago.

So, are there things about the festival that are tiring anyone out? Anything you're sick of, after all those marathon screening sessions?

For me, I ABSOLUTELY LOATHE those ads before the screenings that ask you to vote for the Hot Doc's Audience Awards. Everything about them grates on me, to the obnoxiously loud music, to the cheap ass CGI when the guy's head explodes. It doesn't even make sense - the audio for the movie he's watching is clearly not for a documentary. I'm generally disappointed that they didn't make new pre-screening clips this year and re-used old ones, including this "head exploding" one. Remember "Field Mouse on the Run"? Or that one with the singing and dancing musical number? Those were fun.
Johnny / April 28, 2007 at 02:18 pm
Hi RandomTangent, nice review for the promo trailers at the beginning. They do get a bit annoying throughout the course of the fest... and yeah, that "head exploding" one looks like a really bad BAD BOY tv commercial. Curious enough though, some people are STILL heard chuckling whenever it plays.

Thanks for reading!
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