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Posted by Staff / Posted on July 20, 2009

Diaper eezDiaper-eez is a cloth-diapering mecca in Bloor West Village. The store stocks a wide variety of different styles of cloth diapers, as well as nursing bras and accessories, stylish diaper bags and environmentally-conscious toys, clothes, hats and baby carriers. The staff here can teach a wannabe cloth diaper user everything there is to know.



Jocelyn / September 22, 2009 at 09:05 am
Hi there. Do you mail items to people in Toronto?
Victoria / December 20, 2009 at 08:25 pm
PRO: has a GREAT selection of cloth diapers and all the accessories. Also has a little bit of everything else an expecting, new or experienced mom would need - nursing bras (got 2 great simple ones for $20 each!), baby toys, diaper bags, baby clothes, kids shoes & slippers, baby carriers, baby journals, etc, etc!

CON: the sales staff.

EXPERIENCE: I visited today to see if they carried items besides diapers and to my happy surprise they did! However, I was looking for a specific baby carrier - a cloth/cotton (pref. organic) 2-shoulder similar to the Mama Kangaroo ones I'd seen online. They happened to have 3 brands ($84 and up), including an organic one.

A Sales Lady came to "assist" me and asked what I was looking for. I told her the above, 2-shoulder cloth carrier. So, instead of showing or letting me try out the THREE brands of the baby carrier I'm looking for, she decides to shows me a sling. I let her know I've tried the sling and am not interested in it.

She continues to model the sling for me, then asks what baby carrier I have already. I say a "Baby Bjorn" but again, I'm looking for a cloth carrier. So now does she show me the 3 different brands they carry? Or talk to me about the kind I'm looking for? Nope. Now she moves on to model and talk about the ERGO baby carrier - very similar looking to the Bjorn! I remind her I have a Bjorn, I'm familiar with the Bjorn, i'm HAPPY with the Bjorn but am looking for a softer carrier for my sons first weeks (I'm 35 wks and counting!).

Now I just go pick up and look at the different brands of the kind carrier I'm looking for. Now will she help me and tell me the pros of each brand? No. Instead she tells me how the one I'm holding (that they are selling for $110!) is not so great because of "this" reason.

Um...why sell a product, for over $100!!!, if you think it's crap??

Anyway, the story goes on, but it ends with me not buying any carrier from them and no intention of returning to their store. Which is a shame, because they do have a good selection...just be prepared to be TOLD what you want.
chris / February 25, 2010 at 06:45 pm
I think it's lame for Victoria to air her experience above.

1. there's three sides to every story
2. did you approach the stores owner before hand to give her your two cents?

Five paragraphs about your 'lousy' experience? Sounds like you there might be more to this than you're letting on?
Margaret / May 31, 2010 at 10:58 am
I completely agree with Victoria... Not lame at all... Her experience sounds very similar to mine...

I also had another experience.. my husband went to ask about diaper covers we bought that completely soaked through with every diaper change... we used them for a couple of months with my daughter and literally they soaked through with each pee... soaking clothes as well.. we used them anyway.. now my son was born and i decided to do some research as to what I can do about this... turns out these covers are water diapers... no wonder they soak through.. so we felt like we had been ripped off and went back to try to get an exchange or at least a discount on new covers... Susan from the store acted all nice to my husband.. apparently the covers are "breathable".. anyway, ended up just buying another product at a discount price which my husband paid for and forgot at the store.. since we live a bit of a distance away i asked a friend of mine to pick it up for me since she lives right there and was due to visit in a few days... so she did and Susan VERY unprofessionally proceeded to whine and complain to my friend about how we were trying to use them and rip them off for covers that were bought two years ago.. etc etc... my friend was shocked at her unprofessionalism... she said it didnt matter because we werent regular customers... little did she know we are regulars.. i'm the one that normally goes to the store and have spent lots there.. and have recomended the store to others.. needless to say, I will stop buying there, no longer recommend the place and spread my story...

Victoria / May 31, 2010 at 03:45 pm
It's "lame" for me to post my comment/experience in the comment section?


My experience is as posted. I did make a purchase that day of smaller items. I would've bought a big ticket item if the sales lady had listened to what I was looking to purchase. She didn't, so I purchased the carrier I was looking for elsewhere.

And I stick with my overall review. They have great selection of cloth diapers and all the accessories, baby carriers, toys and many other items. However, in my experience the sales lady did not listen to me when I told her what I was looking for.

I suppose I could've spoken to a manager, but my original experience would still be the same story. I like shopping in stores that have great items and staff. I shouldn't need to have to talk to sales staff, be shown items I'm not interested in and then have to speak to their managers to make a simple purchase!
Polina / July 23, 2010 at 10:39 pm
I was there today and was really impressed. I have yet to find a Toronto store with such a CD selection (but ive only begun looking) The sales lady was really friendly and took a lot of time to run through EVERYTHING with me. I did not feel pressured at all, and felt very comfortable.

I loved it and can't wait to go back for more.
Lisa / May 7, 2011 at 09:10 am
Loved this store! Took me through all the cloth diapers they sell. Their staff is very knowledgeable about diapers and nursing bras (I'm not saying with this that they aren't knowledgeable about other topics, those were the two I was discussing) and even though it was a busy afternoon ensured I got all the help and information I needed.

Went back later to order and they were short 4 of the cloth diapers I wanted, so they offered to mail them no charge when they arrived. :)
disappointed / June 6, 2011 at 11:20 pm
i agree with victoria and margaret as well. i have been there countless times and the sales staff will attempt to "assist" me (usually when it's unnecessary) without listening to what i need and then when i need their help will ignore me completely.
i have vowed never to go back there and am so happy that baby on the hip and planet kid also carry cloth diapers !
StarLady / March 16, 2013 at 10:06 pm
This store is great, I wish I had found it earlier! It had exactly what I was looking for; a wide selection of cloth diapers to compare, natural toys and assessories that every eco friendly, conscientious person could need.

I had great customer service! The ladies spent the time to go through various options with me, answer all of my questions and meet my needs. I'm already planning my next purchase!

Also, the store has a change table and private nursing station, which I greatly appreciated!
Samantha P / November 15, 2013 at 04:08 pm
I absolutely love this store. I have 5 children and only shop in this store as I trust the products they carry. They seem to only carry the best-not just everything to fill the store. They have an amazing selection of cloth diapers and know so much about every brand. They even helped me out with a diaper I had that they didn't even sell! It was given to me by a friend and they walked me through how to use it. Amazing. The owner is such a wonderful woman and she truly cares about helping mothers from all walks of life. 18 years in business Im pretty sure, that's impressive. Highly recommended store to visit. / July 15, 2014 at 04:19 am
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