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The Cabinet Salon

The Cabinet Salon is an old-fashioned style salon in a new-fashion part of town. Young stylists and friends Emma Rose and Alex MacDonald bring their old-fashioned approach to hair care to the corner of Queen and Portland.

Large wrap-around windows bring lots of natural light and a perfect, people-watching view of Queen St. into this warm parlour space.

the Cabinet

Emma and Alex, both seasoned stylists, designed the Cabinet to reflect their personalities and to bring the comfort of your grandmothers living room to a salon environment. The name "Cabinet" is a 17th century French reference, meant to evoke notions of a private sitting room, a place where intellectuals met to discuss literature, society, politics and art.

the Cabinet

The 100+ year old building was a perfect fit for their vision of this gathering place, will soon showcase works from local artists.

the Cabinet

When you're not busy relaxing with a cup of tea, patrons can expect to have their heads pampered with a wide variety of high-end Bumble and Bumble products, used exclusively.

the Cabinet

In any one of the 6 chairs, a cut starts at $50, colour at $70. Appointments can be made with either Alex or Emma, as they are currently in the hunt for like-minded stylists to join them.

the Cabinet

The Cabinet is open Tuesday-Friday 10-8, and Saturday 10-5.

Photos by Jennifer Rowsom and Elizabeth Martin

The Cabinet Salon

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