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Baby on the Hip (College St.)

Posted by Staff / Posted on April 24, 2011

Baby on the HipBaby on the Hip has expanded to College Street. This is the second location of the popular baby store that spawned in Leslieville.



Emily / August 19, 2011 at 06:24 pm
After visiting the Queen Street location back in the spring, I decided to check out the new College Street store as I passed by. I wish I could say that I was happy about my experience, but I was very disappointed.

After being mostly ignored by the staff working there, I was becoming quite frustrated. I spoke to a woman, who I believed to be the manager. I honestly still cannot figure out if she was being helpful or extremely condescending. I found the product line to be limited, as well. I would not recommend this store to another consumer.

I definitely will not be returning to this location, and I will make sure to only visit the one on Queen street if I am going to continue giving my business to this company. However, I believe there may just be better options out there for purchasing baby items.
Maria / May 12, 2012 at 02:48 pm
My husband and I are expecting our first this June and we stopped in to Baby on the Hip - the College location - for more information about cloth diapering. The online reources and reviews for all the different brands were simply overwhelming me and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed with the service and level of competence at Baby on the Hip. Rachel, spent a good half hour with us, going through all the brands that they carry, pluses, minuses, customer reviews and even taught us the lingo "in the event you don't get any here, at least you'll know what to look for from another brand." I thought that was incredibly classy and helpful, especially since she told us about the upcoming sale, which meant a lot to us since we are first-time parents and this whole baby business can get quite expensive quite quickly. We placed a special order, saving 15% (so helpful to us) and I just picked them up this afternoon. It only took a few weeks - we were able to wait because we got it in at a good time, so I recommend if you need something like this, do order in advance so that the store can be as helpful to you as possible. Everything was packaged and ready to go (I didn't have to wait for someone to figure out my order) and the staff there was kind enough to let me switch out some of the colours that had come in the starter kits of diapers. No atttitude, no questioning, just pleasant, kind and thoughtful service. It was really a pleasure at every point of interaction and I am incredibly happy with my experience.

Everything else in the shop looks beautifully curated and yes, trendy, but happily so.

I'm in customer service myself and it's not very often that I am this wowed by a retail experience.
Michelle / October 4, 2013 at 03:18 pm
Will not come back here. Over-priced items, terrible service and a staff base with no real or working knowledge of the products they are selling, are just some of the reasons why I will not give this store my business anymore. If I am expected to pay their prices then I should at least get the attention that one would expect when dropping over a $1000 on a stroller. These environmentally centered products are no longer a niche market like they used to be, explore your options. Tons of other stores sell these local and enviromentally responsible products as well. Wake up Baby on the Hip.
Zehra / April 23, 2014 at 06:24 pm
The most horrible customer service and product. I first went to this store April 19th, 2014. I was excited up purchase their safari wall stickers for my baby's nursery. These stickers were not cheap, the pack I bought cost a total of $49.72. I came home, followed the instruction on the package and put them up on the nursery wall. Within three days the grassy strands stated to peel off. When I called to store to notify them them told me it was my wall. Then they said I would have to take each and everyone of those stickers off the wall and bring it in if I wanted any kind of a credit. I am so out off by the lack of concern for customers. My baby is due this Saturday and I'm suppose to now take off all the stickers to get a response. I had suggested that I show pictures if what is happening and bring in the pieces that have peeled off but that was a no go. I will not recommend this store to anyone ever, absolute lack of tact and care for their customers.
milly / May 18, 2014 at 10:24 pm
Went to this store for the first time knowing what kind of stroller I wanted to purchase but wanted to see everything else and make sure I was doing proper research. I was interested in the bumble ride indie and had been on the bumble ride site multiple times. I went into this store looking for more info and was extremely disappointed. First, it was very dark and hard to see much of anything. The staff looked me up and down and barely said a word. I said I was interested in the bumble ride and the girl had nothing to say except to discourage me from buying this stroller. She made false claims that this stroller was not good for all terrain, wouldn't be good for jogging and advised that I go to another location and look at another stroller which was not an all terrain jogger (specifically what I was looking for) and was more than double the cost. She admitted that they have had no complaints or issues with the stroller so why she was telling lies to me about it is beyond me. The bumble ride site itself markets this stroller as an all terrain jogger. If I were bumble ride, I'd pull my product from this store. I subsequently went to another store (Fab baby gear in ottawa) and purchased the stroller and had it shipped to the toronto store free of charge. I was reassured that this was an amazing stroller and was a very popular seller. We love it!! I would NEVER go back to this store (at least this location as the other location seems to have better reviews). The staff at this location were rude, not interested in selling product and looked at me like I should have never walked in.

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