Visitors to Queen’s Quay Terminal can trace the visually stunning waterfront history through Toronto on the Water, a photo exhibit that features over 100 archival images on loan courtesy of Toronto Star Archives, Toronto Port Authority, City of Toronto Archives and Queen’s Quay Terminal. The exhibit will be on display throughout the main level of Queen’s Quay Terminal until September 1. Admission is FREE. Visit for more information.

Relive memories of Toronto’s vibrant waterfront at Toronto on the Water. See images of: the Trillium (c. 1931, City of Toronto Archives); the start of the Marathon swim competition at the CNE (1932, Toronto Star Archives); Aerial view of the construction of the Gardiner Expressway (1963, Toronto Star Archives) and Taxicabs and a streetcar at Queen’s Quay Ferry Dock (1931, City of Toronto Archives) to name a few.

Toronto’s rich history comes alive before your eyes at Toronto on the Water!