The girls have been whittling their sticks, bird watching, working on their "counselling skills" and whipping the campy campers into shape allllll summer long. Now it's time for them to show their stuff in the Drake Underground for their first CAMP on Queen West.

Join Judy Virago and Igby Lizzard for an evening of camp cabaret featuring performances from members of the House of Filth and friends...

Allysin Chaynes

Boy Pussy

Buzz Huneedew

Champagna Enemea

Dolly Berlin

Leelando Mitchell

LeeLee Davis

Matthew Lindholm

Nancy Bocock

Scarlett BoBo

Door Gurl Gia Metric will make sure you have plenty of marshmallows and wienies to make your night a success!

Tickets available at the door for only $10 ! ! !

Doors at 8pm, shows at 9pm.