Prog. Monkey: VIBRASPHERE SweRickard Berglof Returns- Trip to VALHALLA!

Hello party People!

So to celebrate the Fall season and the fast approaching Halloween we decided to bring back our favorite prog-psy artists of all time VIBRASPHERE.

Although their legendary project stopped from existing 3 years ago, Rickard Berglof aka VIBRASPHERE still occasionally perform around the world but it is very rare to get to hear this magical music nowadays.

As the legendary act performed all over the world, at all the major festival like Ozora Hungary, Boom Portugal, Mitreya Australia and many more its an honor to host them again in Toronto!

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome:

VIBRASPHERE Rickard Berglof SweTribal Vision

Special Legendary 2 Hours set

Local Support


Deco: TBA

Online Tickets:

Lily Lounge, 656 College st. West

Toronto ON


25$ 50 first ticketsOnline only Until September1!

30$ Online only Until October 1!

35$ Online only until October 24!

More at the door! If not sold out!

Limited Capacity