INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v27 w/ Neil Quigley open-to-close set

Saturday, June 21, 2014

bringthebeats presents


NEIL QUIGLEY open-to-close set


Toika Lounge

471 Richmond Street West, Toronto ON

$15 Reduced Advance, more at the door

Doors Open: 10pm - 4am

Tickets available at:

It's been almost seven years since we first debuted Neil Quigley in Toronto for EXPOSED at The Mod Club. That night Neil met his wife no shit and instantly became a favourite of our city's house music community. His open-to-close sets for Fabricated have been so amazing we've been dying to hear Mr. Quigley at INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND and let him have his way with TOiKA. On June 21st it's finally happening and we can't be any more excited to be back in the mix with one of the classiest artists in the business.