Please note NEW VENUE!

STUDIO BAR (824 Dundas St. W @ Bathurst)

$10 at door


So nice we had to do it thrice!!

If you were at the last one (or two) with these two djs.... you already know what it is...

If you weren't there, better to come and get to know.....

These two are fantastic selectors in their own right. Together, it is something truly special and memorable.

Paul E Lopes is one of the most well respected and celebrated djs in this city. If you don't know who he is, I feel sorry for you. He is responsible for countless smiles and dancing bodies over the last couple decades and he continues to do so with just as much enthusiasm. He loves and can play all styles and genres of music, but Reggae is something he holds close to his heart.... and you can tell.

Choppa Chop has been running his sound "Big Toe's HiFi" for over a decade. With chapters in New Mexico and the UK, he has brought it back to the Toronto area respectively. With a very broad and wide knowledge of Reggae, both past and present, it makes for a very exciting and well rounded set. His love for Reggae and Dancehall is infectious and a delight! Fun fact - He is the only dj I know that has only spun vinyl..... And I know a lot of djs.....

Both of these gentlemen have such a joy for not only the music, but also for sharing it with people.

it's going to be so much fun... I can't even handle it.