aunch - Forgotten Voices/Remembered Voices

The Official Launch of the 'Forgotten Voices' research project, showcasing Indigenous 2-Spirit and/or LGBT*QIA homeless youth in Toronto. And the launch of our new 'Remembered Voices' project - a drop-in culture-based program for Indigenous gender, sex and sexuality spectrum youth! This is an official Proud Voices and World Pride event. FREE

In recent years there has been much research done into crisis intervention for queer youth who are at risk of suicide and oppression. And we know all too well that the suicide rate of Indigenous people is twice as high as it is for other people living in Canada. The problem is that due to a lack of resources and research data, cultural insensitivity, homophobia, single-minded western notions of sexuality and outward ignorance the research available overlooks the importance of understanding the complex needs of Toronto’s incredible 2-spirited youth.

Forgotten Voices hopes to change the rules that govern how research is done and who benefits from it. In collaboration with TASSC (Toronto Aboriginal Support Services Council) Forgotten Voices begins a conversation with 2-Spirit youth leading the way that will get the rest of Toronto listening, learning, and helping in good, meaningful ways.