An artist talk by Camilla Singh

Camilla Singh discusses her current exhibition at AGYU Uniforms for Non-Uniform Work with one of the curators on-display at the gallery, Kristin Weckworth.

Uniforms for Non-Uniform Work is the culmination of a 14-month AGYU residency at in the Sculpture Area of the Faculty of Fine Art at York University. The exhibition is comprised of six uniforms for six specific Canadian curators: Philip Monk, David Liss, Kristin Weckworth, Emelie Chhangur, Paul Butler, and Derek Mainella. Each is situated within a series of mini installations embedded within the overall design of the exhibition in order to spatially manifest ideas related to each curators unique practice. Through the use of sculptural objects and props that are set in relation to the uniforms, or the creation of custom-designed support systems which literally hold them up, Singh furthermore stages the behind-the-scenes management from interns to institutions, etc. on which all curatorial work depends. Taken as a whole, Uniforms for Non-Uniform Work implicitly acknowledges the embedded role of curating in exhibition-making and of art making in curatorial practice. The exhibition closes Sunday June 15!