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Eglinton West

Eglinton West might be the neighbourhood that most simply pass through to get on the Allen Expressway, but the stretch between Bathurst and Eglinton West station is dotted with an eclectic assortment of mainly local hangouts including one of the city's best Mexican restaurants. Venture a little bit further west and the neighbourhood changes dramatically into Little Jamaica where cheap and chearful restaurants, barber shops and grocery stores do a brisk business.

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Bagel Brigade / Baked Goods

967 Eglinton Avenue West 416.782.3256
Bagel Brigade

Bagel Brigade on Eglinton West makes fresh bagels, sandwiches and soups....

Barber Shop Frontlinez / Fashion Stores

511 Oakwood Ave 416.653.3300
Barber Shop Frontlinez

Barber Shop Frontlinez will often have a line of men waiting out front of this small shop. A good fade is hard to come by and so is an empty...

Bi Bim Bap / Restaurants

950 Eglinton Ave West 416.787.7423 Website
Bi Bim Bap

Bi Bim Bap is where you go to eat when you've spent too many nights dining at Cowbell or the Black Hoof. Opened in December, it's the new Korean...

Bistro 92 / Restaurants

1885 Eglinton Avenue West 416.519.6050 Website
Bistro 92

Bistro 92 is a neighbourhood-style French bistro near Eglinton and Dufferin. The menu features standards like escargot and braised lamb shank as well as a set dinner menu for only...

Bistro Grande / Restaurants

1000 Eglinton Avenue West 416.782.3302 Website
Bistro Grande

Bistro Grande is an upscale take on dairy and pareve dining. No, there's no filet mignon, but the menu does offer elegance equivalency through its mushroom risotto, tagliatelle al salmone,...

Body + Soul Fitness / Fitness Clubs

378 Eglinton Ave West 416.484.1500 Website
Body + Soul Fitness

Body + Soul Fitness has two locations in Toronto including this one on the Eglinton Way. This fitness studio is one of the greenest in the city featuring ecycled rubber...

Bombay Masala / Restaurants

953 Eglinton Ave West 416.782.4449 Website
Bombay Masala

Bombay Masala is an Indian restaurant on Eglinton. They offer a lunch buffet and are popular for take-out. ...

Caribbean Bistro (Eglinton West) / Restaurants

1708 Eglinton Ave. West 416.778.1101 Website
Caribbean Bistro (Eglinton West)

Caribbean Bistro serves up curry and jerk chicken roti as well as other savoury dishes, such as oxtail, rice and peas....

Chinese Food Gallery (Eglinton) / Restaurants

557 Eglinton West 416.322.3230 Website
Chinese Food Gallery (Eglinton)

Chinese Food Gallery is a no-frills spot on Eglinton West that encourages advance ordering for convenient take-away or delivery. The menu covers the standards of Chinese Canadian cuisine at excellent...

Churrasqueira Portugal / Restaurants

1912 Eglinton Ave W 416.916.6875
Churrasqueira Portugal

Churrasqueira Portugal is a traditional Portuguese BBQ on Eglinton West....

Cloves the Spice / Restaurants

965 Eglinton Ave. W 416.787.1020
Cloves the Spice

Cloves the Spice on Eglinton W is an Indian restaurant that does dine-in, takeaway and delivery. The menu specializes in delicacies from the tandoori plus rich curries, butter chicken, jalfrezi,...

Costa Verde BBQ Chicken / Restaurants

2537 Eglinton Ave W 416.653.5629
Costa Verde BBQ Chicken

Costa Verde BBQ Chicken is a favourite churrasqueira for the area, not only because its prices are more than reasonable. A typical takeout place with overhead menus and trays of...

Dave Young Fruit Market / Grocery Stores

494 Eglinton Ave. W 416.489.1118
Dave Young Fruit Market

Dave Young Fruit Market is a local fruit and vegetable stand near the major grocery chain-starved Eglinton and Avenue Road. Your standard array of seasonal and important produce is on...

Doug's Public Kitchen / Restaurants

561 Marlee Ave. 647.341.1736 Website
Doug's Public Kitchen

Doug's Public Kitchen has a simple mission: to make vegan (and gluten free and organic food) comfortable, nourishing and mainstream. That's right carnivores, Doug McNish is on a mission to...

Duckee / Restaurants

525 Eglinton Ave. W 416.481.3825 Website

Duckee does all you can eat dim sum brunch daily for $18 per person or offers a la carte dumplings for generally $4 each order. To share at the table,...

ELle & Co. / Fashion Stores

1166 Eglinton Ave. West 416.907.7134 Website
ELle & Co.

ELle & Co. lies on a rather non-descript stretch of Eglinton Avenue just east of the Allen Expressway. An ivory-coloured a-line skirt beckons me in off the sidewalk and after...

Empire Grill / Restaurants

1100 Eglinton Ave W 416.785.1727 Website
Empire Grill

Empire Grill is an Indian restaurant and wine bar on Eglinton West run by emperor of Indian food Balwant Rathour. Formerly of Kamasutra, he lives in this area, and has...

Ergys Studio / Fashion Stores

1005 Eglinton Ave W 647.340.1250 Website
Ergys Studio

Ergys Salon located on Eglinton West is owned and operated by Ergy himself. Ergy has been in the business for 14 years and is the main stylist. His specialty is...

Fade Away Barber Shop / Fashion Stores

532 Oakwood Ave. 416.653.4144
Fade Away Barber Shop

At 33 Sean Cummings of Fade Away Barber Shop is already an 18-year veteran of the trade. His decade-old barber shop features a pool table and customers have been known...

Fairbanks Hotel / Services

2418 Dufferin St. 416.781.9317 Website
Fairbanks Hotel

The Fairbanks Hotel is a gray-painted bunker on Dufferin north of Eglinton does its best not to look too inviting, and it looks nothing like the garish strip clubs of...

Filipino in Toronto / Restaurants

1859 Eglinton Avenue West 416.780.0015
Filipino in Toronto

Filipino in Toronto is a Filipino grocery store and restaurant-ish-thing if you count the table at the back positioned toward an old TV. The table is ostensibly for customers to...

Flour / Baked Goods

883 Eglinton Avenue West 416.789.0222

Flour is a great little bakery on Eglinton West near Bathurst that bakes fresh and tasty cookies, cakes and other treats....

Fresh Harvest Fine Foods / Grocery Stores

546 Eglinton Ave. W 416.487.0388
Fresh Harvest Fine Foods

Fresh Harvest Fine Foods is a local grocer and vegetable stand serving Forest Hill residents. Look for a decent selection of local produce and dry goods....

Frida / Restaurants

999 Eglinton Avenue West 416.787.2221 Website

Frida Restaurant & Bar melds the soul of classic Mexico City cooking with a refined, contemporary fine-dining touch. Chef and owner Jose Hadad has been fulfilling his culinary enthusiasm since...

Great Silk Road Restaurant / Restaurants

1808 Eglinton Ave. West 416.879.5053
Great Silk Road Restaurant

Great Silk Road Restaurant is a Middle Eastern eatery that serves up classic dishes such as shish kebabs and has shawarma roasting on a spit for its pita sandwiches and...

Groucho's Gourmet Burgers / Restaurants

994 Eglinton Avenue West 416.784.4434
Groucho's Gourmet Burgers

Groucho's Gourmet Burgers, with two locations in Toronto (the other one is on Bayview Ave), offers up a popular all day breakfast, steaks, wings, fries, chicken and, of course, burgers. ...

Gud to Go / Restaurants

1054 Eglinton Ave. West 647.230.3699 Website
Gud to Go

Gud to Go is one of the newest cold-pressed juice bars to pop up Toronto. However, the brother and sister duo behind this Eglinton West shop have been serving the...

Hartley's Bistro / Restaurants

1962 Eglinton Avenue West 416.782.0782
Hartley's Bistro

Hartley's Bistro is an Italian eatery on Eglinton West. On the menu you'll find a bevy of traditional fare, from veal cutlet sandwiches to penne alla vodka. Most dishes ring...

House of Chan / Restaurants

514 Eglinton West 416.781.5575 Website
House of Chan

House Of Chan is one of Toronto's worst-kept secrets. The rib-eye and porterhouse take pride of place over the chow mein in Chan's menu, but you'd be missing an opportunity...

I Went to Philly / Restaurants

997 Eglinton Ave West 416.781.9995 Website
I Went to Philly

I Went to Philly opened up just over a month ago in the high-traffic area of Yonge and College [UPDATE: The restaurant has moved to 997 Eglinton West]. In a...

Image Beauty Supply Warehouse / Fashion Stores

2654 Eglinton Ave West 647.430.0712
Image Beauty Supply Warehouse

Image Beauty Supply Warehouse must be terrifying at night, especially when a full moon hits those endless rows of wig-clad heads. During the daytime it's a little less ominous, stocked...

Irie Veggie / Restaurants

2593 Eglinton Ave West 416.653.4825
Irie Veggie

It's not too often that I find myself in the vicinity of Eglinton Hill but when I was in the area last week I made a point of grabbing lunch...

J.C. Hair Salon & Barbers / Fashion Stores

1567 Eglinton Ave W 416.787.6024
J.C. Hair Salon & Barbers

J.C. Hair Salon & Barbers can tame that weave or set you up with a fresh fade....

Jerusalem Restaurant / Restaurants

955 Eglinton W 416.783.6494 Website
Jerusalem Restaurant

Jerusalem Restaurant has been an institution on Eglinton West for more than 25 years. The original destination for middle eastern food in Toronto, Jerusalem still serves up great tasting falafel,...

Koko's Thai Cuisine / Restaurants

2039 Eglington Ave W 647.352.4333 Website
Koko's Thai Cuisine

Koko's Thai Cuisine offers Halal Thai food in a moderately posh environment...cloth napkins in glasses, and all that jazz. The restaurant offers mostly four-seater tables and a traditional Thai menu...

La Mexicana Tortilleria / Grocery Stores

1897 Eglinton Avenue West 416.319.8768
La Mexicana Tortilleria

La Mexicana Tortilleria is a tiny Mexican grocery store near Eglinton West and Dufferin that sells a variety of Mexican groceries as well as ready-to-eat food....

Mad Bean / Cafes

519 Eglinton Ave. West 647.235.2456 Website
Mad Bean

The Mad Bean Coffee House on Eglinton West prides itself on its artistic arteries. Its exposed brick walls are obscured by photographs and paintings by local artists while a large...

Mainsha (Keele St.) / Restaurants

1671 Keele Street 416.652.2135
Mainsha (Keele St.)

Mainsha (Keele St.) doesn't have the best reputation in terms of service, but its jerk chicken and rice and peas is said to more than make up for the occasional...

Mainsha Restaurant / Restaurants

1561 Eglinton Avenue West 416.780.0752
Mainsha Restaurant

Though plain looking from the outside, Mainsha Restaurant serves up some cheap and tasty West Indian eats. Best is their Toonie Tuesday where you can get a good size order...

Mark Lash / Fashion Stores

480 Eglinton Ave. West 416.256.5229 Website
Mark Lash

Mark Lash has two jewelry boutiques - one in Richmond Hill, the other on Eglinton - but his reach extends far beyond Toronto, with numerous Hollywood celebs seen sporting his...

Marron Bistro / Restaurants

948 Eglinton Avenue West 416.784.0128 Website
Marron Bistro

Marron Bistro is perhaps the swankiest spot to eat kosher in Toronto. The French-inspired menu is constantly changing, offering plates such as duck prosciutto and marmalade, stuffed burger and slaw,...

Ming City / Restaurants

1662 Eglinton Ave. West 416.789.1688 Website
Ming City

Ming City is a Chinese restaurant with cheap lunch options and a menu chock-full of Szechuan and Peking dishes. Favourite Canadian-style dishes, such as sweet-and-sour chicken balls, are also served...

Mirabelli (Eglinton) / Fashion Stores

456 Eglinton Ave W 416.322.3130 Website
Mirabelli (Eglinton)

Mirabelli - as in Franco Mirabelli - sells the designer's signature clothing line. Specializing in women's clothing, Franco's previous stints include working with Anne Klein and Donna Karen. There are...

Ms. Emma Designs / Fashion Stores

365 Eglinton Ave. West 416.323.8800 Website
Ms. Emma Designs

Ms Emma Designs is all about handcrafted women's clothing made on the premises. Many of the items feature unusual and elegant fabrics....

Nortown Foods (Eglinton) / Grocery Stores

892 Eglinton Ave. W. 416.789.2921 Website
Nortown Foods (Eglinton)

Nortown Foods is a Jewish-style, but not Kosher, grocer that's been serving Toronto for more than 50 years. The Eglinton location has a large selection of meat, fish and prepared...

Petroff Gallery / Galleries

1016 Eglinton Ave W 416.782.1696 Website
Petroff Gallery

Petroff Gallery curates Canadian contemporary fine art - both paintings and pieces like ceramics, glass, metal, collage and wood....

Pizza Panzo / Restaurants

1856 Keele St 416.653.3333
Pizza Panzo

Pizza Panzo is a pizza place that reminds of that ubiquitous chain with its old-school checkered orange and white exterior, unabashedly advertising its product to those all around. The menu...

Powerclub / Fitness Clubs

1005 Eglinton Avenue West 416.780.0078 Website

Powerclub, on Eglinton right off of Allen Road, is a place that will help you kick some ass, both literally and figuratively. As a all-in-one fitness centre, you have a...

Randy's / Restaurants

1569 Eglinton Ave W 416.781.5313 Website

Randy's has been delivering Patties for the People since 1979, and it seems said people still can't get enough. The take-out shop at Eglinton and Oakwood offers four types of...

Rap's / Restaurants

1541 Eglinton Avenue West 416.256.4426

Rap's is a Caribbean restaurant on Eglinton West near Oakwood that makes some of the best jerk in town. They also make some pretty good wings....

Revival Couture / Fashion Stores

363 Eglinton Avenue West 416.480.0003 Website
Revival Couture

Revival Couture was born from the retail genius of owner-duo Christine Hadden and Donna Nesrallah. The shop carries gently-used clothing and accessories from high-end labels like Chanel Chloe and D&G....

Rica Arepa / Restaurants

1885 Eglinton Ave W 416.519.6050 Website
Rica Arepa

Rica Arepa is a no-fuss Latin American restaurant sporting red and silver dinette sets like they aren't out of style. The signature dish is obviously the Arepa, filled with beef,...

Rincon de la Boca / Restaurants

1710 Eglinton Ave. West 416.789.1240
Rincon de la Boca

Rincon de la Boca is a local watering hole with competitive prices on domestic and imported beers as well as other mixed drinks. It also features a food menu with...

Royal Elephant / Restaurants

1100 Eglinton Avenue West 416.785.1727 Website
Royal Elephant

Royal Elephant is a welcome new addition to the Toronto Thai scene. Serving lunch and dinner, Royal Elephant offers well-executed Thai favourites from pad thai to chicken with green curry....

Sizzle's / Restaurants

2516 Eglinton Avenue West 647.350.8162

Sizzle's is a takeout Caribbean restaurant boasting a truly vintage barbeque out front. Sizzle's offers daily $5 specials, as well as $3 student specials....

Spence's Bakery / Restaurants

1539 Eglinton Avenue West 416.782.7850
Spence's Bakery

Spence's Bakery is an Eglinton West staple that is best known for its jerk chicken. A hint of sweetness, and not too salty, with that scotch bonnet and pimento spice...

Spring China House / Restaurants

961 Eglinton Ave. W 416.780.0400 Website
Spring China House

Spring China House is a friendly destination for Chinese on Eglinton W. that boasts an extensive menu of reasonably priced dishes including boneless duck preparations, seafoods and an assortment rice...

Sun-light Bakery / Baked Goods

2512 Eglinton Ave W 416.658.2846
Sun-light Bakery

Sun-light Bakery is a Jamaican bakery on Eglinton Avenue West. The bakery specializes in Jamaican patties, hardo bread, and an assortment of buns and pastries....

Sushi Ocean / Restaurants

1010 Eglinton Ave W 416.783.8811 Website
Sushi Ocean

Sushi Ocean offers fresh Japanese meals for late risers and late diners, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner from 11:30am to 11pm most days. Break that fast big time with the...

The Abbot on Eglinton / Restaurants

508 Eglinton Avenue West 416.487.8350 Website
The Abbot on Eglinton

The Abbot on Eglinton is the second outpost for this olde thymey pub. Reflective of the new address surrounded by sleepy residential streets it feels almost more like a family...

The Barbers of Eglinton / Fashion Stores

1565A Eglinton Ave W 416.642.0069
The Barbers of Eglinton

The Barbers of Eglinton is a small shop tucked into a retail strip on Eglinton Ave. Stop in to get a quick haircut or shave for a fair price....

The Pursuit of Frosting / Baked Goods

866 Eglinton Ave. West 647.531.7504 Website
The Pursuit of Frosting

The Pursuit of Frosting sprung out of owner Savera Hashmi's long-standing love affair with baking. Early experimentation took place on Pretty Sweet, her mobile cupcakery (translation: a food truck) and...

Thirsty Fox Pub / Restaurants

1028 Eglinton Avenue West 647.347.7474 Website
Thirsty Fox Pub

The Thirsty Fox Pub is a neighbourhood watering hole near Eglinton Ave and Allen Rd. The pub features nightly food and drink specials. The Thirsty Fox also boasts the ability...

Thobors (Eglinton West) / Baked Goods

1116 Eglinton Ave West 416.256.1718 Website
Thobors (Eglinton West)

Thobors' second Parisian-style bakery on Eglinton West offers plenty of seating for an afternoon filled with baked delicacies. Lucky for locals of Eglinton West, this menu features some of the...

Tinnel's / Restaurants

2517 Eglinton Ave W 416.657.0108 Website

Tinnel's has grown from one location to four, offering its signature Jamaican patties at each of its locations throughout the GTA. Tinnel's does Chicken, Veggie, Mild Beef, and Spicy Beef...

Tokyo Sushi (Eglinton W) / Restaurants

971 Eglinton Ave W 416.783.6342
Tokyo Sushi (Eglinton W)

Tokyo Sushi is a small, moderately priced Japanese restaurant adorned with rice paper light fixtures and bamboo....

Town Talk Corner / Restaurants

2641 Eglinton Ave W 416.651.5549
Town Talk Corner

Town Talk Corner is an Eglinton West restaurant offering jerk chicken and other Jamaican dishes....

Triple Triple Pizza & Chicken / Restaurants

2639 Eglinton Ave W 416.653.3030 Website
Triple Triple Pizza & Chicken

Triple Triple Pizza and Chicken offers a "famous deal" of three pizzas, which also includes wings, pieces of chicken, fries, veggie sticks, garlic bread, salad, and a 2L pop. For...

Vitess / Services

1040 Eglinton St. W 416.503.8987 Website

Vitess is a brand not a store, but as a local bike company trying to make its way in a very competitive marketplace, it's nice to see the company receive...

Wanna Pizza / Restaurants

302 Eglinton Avenue West 647.349.4400 Website
Wanna Pizza

Wanna Pizza is a newly opened pizza and pasta place on Eglinton West. On top of the many kinds of pizza, they also serve chicken wings, calzones, and sandwiches. This...

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