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The 10 bars with the most beer taps in Toronto

Having the most beer taps in Toronto is something of a dubious distinction. It doesn't necessarily mean a bar has the "best" beer selection in Toronto, and the honour raises age old questions about quantity vs quality. Yet, whether you just want to make sure you and your friends have plenty of selection for your night out or you simply like to look at row upon row of gleaming draught lines and fancy tap handles, knowing what bars offer the most draught beer can be a crucial factor in deciding your drinking destination.

Here then is an admittedly unscientific list of bars with the most draught lines in the city. Feel free to point out any additional spots that you think deserve to be on this list in the comments.

Real Sports
Often hailed as one of North America's best sports bars, Real Sports at the ACC also has the distinction of having, hands down, the most draught taps in Toronto. Touting 114 taps, pouring 42 different beers, the selection skews hard toward big brewers and foreign imports and their easy-to-drink lagers and wheat beers (there are exactly two Toronto beers on tap), but hey, you go to Real Sports to inhale expensive wings and shout at a TV screen, so you probably weren't expecting craft offerings anyway.

The Loose Moose
While they have less physical taps than Real Sports, Loose Moose makes the most believable claim for the largest draught selection in city with 57 different beers on tap. The big brewers are well represented here but The Loose Moose has also shown a growing interest in craft offerings and currently boasts a full 20 taps dedicated to craft beer. Whatever event at the ACC/Rogers Centre you're pre-drinking for, you're unlikely to find a better place in the area for something to please everyone in your group.

Bier Markt
Arguably the best spot in Toronto for drinking imported, European beer, all four locations of the Bier Markt offer draught lists long enough to land them on this list. The Esplanade, Don Mills and Queensway locations all have 46 taps while the King West iteration has 44. They undoubtedly give beer the treatment it deserves. And hey, if it's good enough for the mayor, it's good enough for you.

C'est What
Probably the most draught lines East of Yonge Street, C'est What's line-up of brews isn't for the lager-swilling masses. Indeed, instead of Coors Light and Bud, at this Front Street East staple you'll find 42 draught lines dedicated to craft beer offerings, including eight cask ales. The food is decent, the cellar-like atmosphere is well-suited to lengthy drinking sessions and why are you still reading this there are 42 craft beers on tap, what more do you need?

Sin and Redemption
If you like Belgian beer, you'll be hard pressed to find a place pouring more of it than this watering hole that's walking distance from both the AGO and OCAD. 24 of this bar's impressive 41 draft lines are dedicated to Belgian beers -- blondes, and brunes, and trippels, oh my! -- and the rest is a decent selection of European brews with some Canadian and US content thrown in for good measure (not to mention two ciders).

Duke's Refresher
The second location of a Muskoka bar, Dukes Refresher seems to be going for the oft-unseen dining category of "upscale rowdy." Your impressions of that class of dining establishment aside, it's hard to argue with a draught list that boasts 40 offerings. With a selection ranging from Bud and Canadian on down to brews from smaller brewers like Left Field Brewery and even one-offs from Great Lakes Brewery, I suppose you'll come for the overly-loud music and stay for the beer?

A proudly "Stella-free" bar, this almost 30-years-old craft beer mainstay on Yonge offers 38 different draught options including a few cask offerings and usually a few beers brewed at their own excellent on-site nanobrewery.

Bar Hop
The Golden Tap award winner in 2013 for the Best Bar for Draught Beer Selection in Ontario, Bar Hop earns that distinction by way of a finely curated list of 36 draught beers that changes frequently and skews hard toward local offerings. A standout for draught selection in Toronto, Bar Hop's accomplishment is all the more unique given its Axe-body-spray-soaked location along King West.

The Village Idiot
The sister pub (and next-door neighbour) to Sin and Redemption features an equally impressive array of 36 European-focused beers and, as you might imagine given that they share an owner, there's quite a lot of overlap between their draught list and Sin and Redemption's. It's a cozy pub, the large sliding windows open up in the summer, and attention is paid to using appropriate glassware. What more could you need?

REDS Midtown
The second, "midtown" location of the mostly suit-filled, wine-focused, upscale watering hole first opened at Bay and Adelaide is decidedly more open-minded when it comes to their beverage selection. Along with an impressive cocktail menu, the "midtown" location of REDS features 30 draught offerings, with a good selection of the mainstream stuff mixed in with craft beer.

Two bonus bars with a lot of taps, just to make it an even 12 pack

The Only
The charmingly grungy Only features 24 craft-focused taps to choose from whilst sitting on garage-sale furniture or, preferably, the noteworthy back patio. Considering that you can bring your own food, the pairing options are thus virtually endless.

Stout Irish Pub
This Irish Pub offers 20 different beers on tap and most of them are local. There's also cask offerings to go along with classic rib-sticking pub grub. Easily the best place to grab a beer in Cabbagetown.

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Photo from our review of Duke's Refresher

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