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Toronto restaurants aim to "rescue Christmas"

Posted by Derek Flack / December 25, 2013

Restaurant rescue ChristmasIn the face of widespread power outages across Toronto lasting through Christmas Day, The Real Jerk wants to "rescue Christmas" by offering free food for those displaced by the ice storm. Rather than merely a PR move -- which it surely is, too (sorry, the Grinch lives on in my tender heart) -- the initiative is worth noting for its tempered altruism. As of last check, over a hundred thousand people still lacked power in Toronto (and possibly many more depending on whose estimates you believe), and a free meal isn't something to crap on. Better still, it seems other restaurants are feeling the charitable holiday spirit.

Along with The Real Jerk's offer of free lunch between 12pm and 2pm, The Emmet Ray has stepped up with a complimentary buffet starting at 5pm. It remains to be seen if other establishments will get on board, and the Real Jerk is capping their offer at 1000 people (no modest number), but if you're missing the community of a holiday dinner table, this could be a good way to spend Christmas day (or night).

If free isn't your thing (what?), and you still want to get out of the house today, check out our list of restaurants open on Christmas Day in Toronto. And for those to the north and the east, here's where to eat in Scarborough and Markham on December 25th.



Kisten / December 25, 2013 at 05:04 pm
What a great way to share the holiday and bring a little joy into people's lives. The real spirit of the season. Well done owners of the Jerk and the Emmet!
Mr. Moto / December 25, 2013 at 09:17 pm
Here's to John Barber! The first to call Rob Ford a fat fuck!

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