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Toronto Food Events: Good Food & Drink Festival, TUM, Brew Benefit, Dubon Chicken

Posted by Liora Ipsum / April 5, 2013

Toronto food eventsToronto Food Events rounds up the most delicious events: festivals, pop-ups, winemaker dinners, supper clubs and other food related happenings in Toronto this week and next. You can find us here every Friday morning.


  • The Good Food & Drink Festival starts today Friday, April 5th and runs until Sunday, April 7th at The Direct Energy Centre. Admission is $14, and 20 tasting tickets sell for $20.
  • The Toronto Underground Market is back at the Evergreen Brick Works (550 Bayview Avenue) on Saturday, April 6th from 5pm to 10pm.
  • Dishcrawl presents a Brew Benefit on Sunday, April 7th at 2pm, self guided tours will hit six venues in the Esplanade and Front Street area. Tickets are $40 and include 12 samples, dishes are an extra $5 each. All proceeds will support The Stop Community Food Centre.
  • Dubon Chicken will pop-up for three nights only on April 8, 9 and 10, at Elle M'a Dit Restaurant (35 Baldwin Street). Chicken wing lovers might be out of luck though, this reservations only event is fully booked.
  • Terroir 2013 takes place on Monday, April 8th at Arcadian Court (401 Bay Street). The symposium brings together food service and hospitality professionals to engage in this years theme, For the Love of Food: stories, memories and culture. Tickets are $175,
  • The GE Cafe Series Masters of Food returns to the Evergreen Brick Works (550 Bayview Avenue) on April 9th with A Raw and Wild Spring presented by vegan chef, Doug McNish. Tickets to this single workshop are $75
  • Craft your Senses, a beer tasting event is happening on Thursday, April 11th in support of the CNIB at 3030 Dundas. General admission is $15, tasting tickets are additional.
  • Catch vegan chef, Douglas McNish again this week at the Rising Star Chef Dinner Series on Thursday, April 11th at The Chef's House (215 King Street East). Reservations are accepted by phone or online.



  • ESÉ, is serving up Torta Aghoada (Cochinita Pibil or the veggie version with jackfruit) at today's Beastwich (Friday, April 5th) at Beast Restaurant (96 Tecumseth Street).
  • Cardinal Rule (5 Roncesvalles) celebrates two years in business on Saturday, April 6th starting at 6pm with drink specials and a menu relaunch.
  • Fidel Gastro's new show Rebel Without a Kitchen debuts on Tuesday, April 9th at 10pm on Travel+Escape.

Photo from Dubon Chicken's Facebook Page



opensource1111 / April 5, 2013 at 12:03 pm
I'm all for capitalism. However, $25 per ticket (with the service charge), plus the table charge each vendor has to pay to the TUM means they are raking in a lot of money on a one day event. Is there overhead? Sure - venue rental, admin staff to set up, utilities. But, the math: $25 x 2000 tickets sold =$50,000, plus $500 per vendor table x lets say 20 vendors = $10,000. $60,000 for the organizers, less overhead, for one half day event. That's a lot of chedda(r).
Gee replying to a comment from opensource1111 / April 5, 2013 at 01:30 pm
Completely agree with opensource, $25/ticket plus would have to pay for food additionally. I did go last year in the bitter cold, it was fun sorta, but the lines were epic and parking was a nightmare.
feeble replying to a comment from opensource1111 / April 5, 2013 at 01:34 pm
I totally agree. I'm all for support local businesses and entrepreneurs but as a student, this is an event that, while I would love to attend, am unable to because of the high price tag (and then subsequent costs while there). It sucks because I am really interested and bet the products are awesome.
Yup / April 5, 2013 at 04:23 pm
Very true. I remember when TUM cost $5 for cover when they first started. Then they bumped it up to $10 which was already pushing it since the $10 doesn't get you anything but ENTRANCE. Plus you gotta pay for parking at the venue which is also ridiculous. Now they're charging $20 plus service fees? It's little wonder why they don't sell out anymore. And after all, these are just food trucks and pop up restaurants. I can go to a nice restaurant for the same money spent and sit down and be WARM.
ugh replying to a comment from opensource1111 / April 5, 2013 at 07:53 pm
Agreed as well, the $25 entry fee is way too high. In fact, it's the day before the event and they haven't even sold out. When the fee was $10, tickets would go really fast and you'd have to buy them right away. Increased ticket prices are apparently due to increased venue fees and I'm not sure whether that's true, but a little transparency would be nice.

I have a feeling that vendors are going to sell less food because guests have already spent too much on the ticket. Kinda feel bad for them.
Jeff replying to a comment from opensource1111 / April 5, 2013 at 09:59 pm
Totally agree with you. I imagine the higher ticket prices and the higher vendor fees (which I heard doubled from last year) is going to backfire on them. Lower attendance and less vendors selection. Maybe people will pay it once or twice but their "audience" will eventually dry up and it will hit them. I am curious how much it actually costs to rent the Brickworks. They also say on their facebook that all staff are volunteers except for a few so wondering how much staffing cost is there. Maybe some rentals of equipment/etc.

Also, they charge "HST" on the tickets but they don't disclose their HST number anywhere. I am curious if the HST charge is even legit or if they are pocketing that.

If you really want to go, just go and pay the door, it is $20 vs. paying online. I think you might not get to go in until a bit later though, and there is potential it could sell out (but, doubt it will this time around).

I fully support the concept but, personally I won't be paying those kind of ticket prices to get in... We will see for how long the market supports them too. It is a shame because it really has become an "elitist" market now where only the reasonably well off can afford to go vs. when it opened and it was only $5 to get in.

I think Brickworks themselves should support this, take a "cut" of the profits (well, the parking operator is already making a KILLING on these nights), and run it on a weekly basis on Saturday evenings as an extension of the farmer's markets.

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