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The top 10 bakery factory outlet stores in Toronto

Bakery factory outlets in Toronto still offer their glorious and abundant (if not somewhat visually imperfect) goods at discounted prices, despite the recent loss of one of their own. Yes, you could almost hear the famished cries from Parklawn Road last week when we learned Mr. Christie would close his Etobicoke doors. He made good cookies, after all. But now some 550 people will soon be out of work, and consumers have one fewer option for factory outlet perusal.

Fortunately, there are still a number of operations offering their overstocked and, sometimes, slightly defective products to the undiscerning shopper, just so long as they don't mind a trip outside of the city's core.

Here are 10 bakery factory outlets worth checking out in Toronto.

Peek Freans Cookie Outlet (5 Bermondsey Road)
Rejoice — there are still cookies to be had. The Cookie Outlet, as it is known to regulars, is a haven of bagged, misshaped delights, many of which can be purchased with nothing more than couch-cushion change. Huge bags of cookies for a few bucks, boxes for $1.50, and plenty of discounted chocolate as well. Be on the lookout for a blue monster.

B&A Bakery Outlet (1820 Ellesmere Road)
Cheap bread in every form with a lovely scent that emanates right down the street! This is the probably the worst place in Toronto for an Atkins-diet-devotee (are those people still around, anyway?), with fresh loaves from the bakery selling for a dollar and a half. Plus bagels, Kaisers, dinner rolls and more, all available for pocket change.

Patty King Scarborough Toronto

Patty King Factory Outlet (321 Progress Avenue)
Pick up lunch for the day and lunch for the next week or two. The Patty King outlet sells hot, fresh patties, along with jerk chicken, oxtail, and other Jamaican staples. But the real draw for bargain-seekers are the patties available in bulk, some of which are priced at $5.00 a dozen (frozen) and slightly more for fresh. Beats Gateway Newsstand prices, for sure.

Dad's Cookie Outlet (370 Progress Ave)
And while you're out in Scarborough picking up some patties, why not swing across the street and load up on cookies as well? Much like the late Mr. Christie factory in Etobicoke, this shop sells Dad's cookies and more for cents on the pound, with full boxes of Oreo cookies and Ritz crackers available for about $2.00 per box.

Commercial Bakeries Outlet (45 Torbarrie Road)
Open Wednesday to Friday, Commercial Bakeries Outlet sells its crackers and cookies with a little peace of mind. Yes, this factory is a totally nut-free facility. Find maple cremes, graham bears, ginger snaps and the rest of the lot, all available at a discounted price of about $1.50 to $2.00 per package.

Stonemill Bakery Outlet Store (426 Nugget Avenue)
Stonemill's big factory draw is its super deal for loaves, which typically includes all multi- and whole grain options priced at about $10 for four. Eat that, Loblaws. Just make sure you have room in the freezer. The small retail shop also stocks a few other baked items such as English muffins, cookies, and bagels.

Weston Bakery Outlet

Weston Bakeries Surplus Factory Outlet (462 Eastern Avenue)
Just follow the scent of delicious baked bread. This is downtown Toronto's answer to discount factory shopping (for now), with steals such as two loaves for a dollar and change, plus marked-down Ace buns, tortillas, rolls, and more. You can also occasionally grab pantry items (such as teas, chips) on the cheap as well.


Just in case anyone's still following the Atkins-diet we'd thought we'd throw in some non-bakery outlets to this list as well.

Lindt Outlet Store (2250 Markham Road)
Factory outlet chocolate shopping?! It's just like Willy Wonka, without the seven deadly sins. Best to check out the Lindt outlet especially after major holidays, when pumpkin-themed chocolates and Valentine's chocolate roses go immediately out of style (and consequently, are heavily marked-down here). At all other times you can count on discounted bars and individually-wrapped sweets on discount.

Grande Cheese Factory Outlet (22 Orfus Road)
The prices here aren't as wildly marked down as other factory outlets on this list, but there's something to be said for freshness. The best deals to be found at Grande Cheese are among its house-made options, which include everything from provolone and bocconcini, fresh mozzarella, and giant wheels of parmesan. Talk about buying bulk...

Gold Star Coffee Factory Outlet (4025 Chesswood Drive)
Sure, you can pick up fresh-from-the roaster coffee in the St. Lawrence Market, or Leslieville, or a bunch of other places. But here you can get it in bulk (though you can probably arrange to do so there too, but whatever). Gold Star's factory outlet offers most of its most popular blends for purchase in its retail shop, most for under $10 if purchased in one-pound bags, and less for larger grabs.

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