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The Top 10 organic food delivery options in Toronto

Organic food delivery in Toronto is a perfect marriage of two great loves--good food, and not having to get up to do chores. Many organic food delivery services allow you to do your produce shopping (and sometimes other grocery shopping) from your computer, and have your box of organic goodies dropped off to your door a week later. An added element of excitement, as least in my opinion, is never knowing what will end up in your box (unless, of course, you peek online beforehand) and suddenly having to come up with a recipe using Hawaiian Ginger. Great fun?! Anyway, here are some options for organic food delivery in Toronto

Green Earth Organics
Green Earth Organics allows you pick from three different sizes of bins composed of 100% certified organic fruits, vegetables, and other grocery products. You can also opt to create your own bin, which will arrive weekly or bi-weekly depending on your preference. Green Earth Organics, along with several other organic delivery services, allows you to indicate certain items you never want to receive (watch out, broccoli) and makes sure that item is never in your bin. Bins range in price from $27 to $60.

Mama Earth Organics
Mama Earth Organics lets you trace exactly where the products in your basket come from. Got some organic grapes this week? Check out its website and you'll see they came from Feast of Fields Organic Vineyard in Jordan, Ontario. Most baskets include certified organic fruits and vegetables, though you can opt to toss in other items such as coffee or eggs. Baskets range from $27.50 to $55, and for an extra $2, can be totally customized. Like Green Earth Organics, Mama Earth allows you to add items to your "Never Send" list.

Front Door Organics
Front Door Organics signature box is its Fresh Box, which is $37 for a basic box or customized for $42. It is filled with organic certified produce, some of the 500 available through Front Door Organics. You can also opt to receive Front Door's Go Ontario! Fresh Box, available during the local growing season from June to October, with local fresh Ontario produce. Front Door Organics has a wide selection of gluten-free products as well, easily sorted through on its website.

Plan B Organic Farms
Plan B Organic Farms runs a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) system whereby customers purchase "shares" of the harvest from a local farm. You pay at the beginning of the growing seasons and receive your box every week throughout the 18-week harvest season. Plan B sources organic produce from 12 farms in Southern Ontario, and send you fruits and vegetables in the form of three share sizes. The Regular Spring Share is $35 per box, the Household is $50, and the Single is $35.

Wanigan not only delivers organic produce to your door, but also operates a fresh market store in Brampton. Much of Wanigan's produce is seasonal, available in one of eight predetermined boxes (you get two free substitutions which each box). To name a few, the Regular Wanigan is $44, and the Local Harvest is $25. Its website includes value information on how to store each item in your box, its nutritional information, origin, and cooking tips. It should be noted, however, especially for those in the downtown core, Wanigan does not deliver to buildings over three stories.

Fuller Avenue
Fuller Avenue is the local Good Food Box program in Parkdale. It is a seasonal program, operating from July to October, with a new box available each week at either 1552 Queen St West or delivered to your door. There are a variety of boxes available, including the Large Organic Food Box ($34) with a variety of mostly local fruits and vegetables, as well as several non-organic food boxes available. A popular choice in that respect is the Wellness Box ($13), which is full of fruits and vegetables that have been cut up and measured.

Zephyr Organics
Zephyr Organics, like Plan B, operates a farm share program. Its land, located 100 kilometers from Toronto and spanning 80 acres, grows a range of certified organic fruits and vegetables that you can pick up or have delivered to your door. The program runs for 20 weeks from June to October, and you can opt for a half share ($500 for 20 boxes) or whole share ($800 for 20 boxes). Zephyr's website includes a growing season chart so you'll known exactly when to start planning that rhubarb pie.

Urban Organics
Urban Organics is a downtown focused organic delivery service, serving Toronto south of Eglinton between High Park and Riverdale. Its signature box is its $25 Urban Box, filled with organic fruits and vegetables. You can also customize your Urban Box, tossing in extras such as olive oil or raisins.

Wheelbarrow Farm
Wheelbarrow Farm operates a CSA, using the organic produce (and heritage breeds of pigs) grown on its 10 acres of land about an hour northeast of Toronto. Its baskets arrive at drop-off locations every other Thursday from the beginning of June to the end of October. Each box ($350 for the season) contains about eight seasonal items, including vegetables such as cabbage, kale, carrots, garlic, and beets. You can also throw in some fresh pork, should you so desire, starting at $6 per pound if ordering half a pig.

LoveGan lets you customize each of your boxes, choosing from its selection of produce, dairy, frozen meats, and other grocery items. Its fresh organic produce comes from a familiar name: Zephyr Farm. Your box will arrive each Wednesday straight to your door. Cost depends in the item in your box, though orders less than $70 are subject to a $7 delivery charge.


Good Food Box/Foodshare
The Good Food Box program is the umbrella network for organic food delivery programs in Toronto (see Fuller, above) as well as other cities throughout Canada. Orders are generally taken from and delivered to community hubs such as daycares or churches ever week, two weeks, or month. You can order a large organic box ($34), a small organic box ($24), or a variety of other non-organic boxes. Check out its website to see the program in your neighbourhood.

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