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Posted by Catherine / Posted on June 27, 2008

PoppiesPoppies was way ahead of its Starbucks neighbour in recognizing the hipness of a West Queen West address. It's a cheerful space filled with floral eye candy, and small and large indulgences. Look out for the Poppies puppy (in, around, and out front of the store).

Photograph courtesy of Patrick Smith.


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denise schroeder / June 16, 2011 at 11:06 pm
I was in Toronto visting my daughter who had just moved there for work. We were doing here neibour hood when I said I had to go into the flower shop to get my fix. Well I had a full blown climax! it was one of those times you wished were a dog so you could roll on the floor. From Orchids to ants it was a chin dropping expernce, they had to carrie me out. And I was good for the rest of the day. And today I going to order flowers for my daughters bday or maybe a plant or orchrids or sedumn or........

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