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The Flower Nook

Posted by Staff / Posted on August 18, 2009

The Flower Nook TorontoThe Flower Nook has been selling flowers in Toronto for more than three decades. They specialize in floral arrangements, fruit and gourmet gift baskets.



Andy Breininger / February 15, 2013 at 09:31 am
If I could I would give this company 0 stars for the bad service I received on all days Valentines Day.
On February 4 2013 I ordered 12 long stem roses for my love to be delivered on Valentines day because i didn't want to wait until the last minute and scramble. That is a full 10 days before Valentines day. Well Valentines day came and went yesterday and no flowers were delivered to my girl even though I called twice through the day to try to confirm the flowers were delivered. The response I got was 'no problem guaranteed to be deliverd by 5 pm'. At 5 pm my girl had gone home without any flowers on Valentines day. I looked like a schmuck. I called the shop and they proceeded to lay the blame on me because I didn't inform them that the address was a business and they thought it was a residence because it had a suite number in the address and they deliver to residences in the evening. The person that took the order and the money didn't ask me if it was a residence or a business or they would have known. But no instead of making it right they simply laid the blame with me over what they called a miscomunication. On all days Valentines day telling my girl the reason she didn't get the 12 long stem roses I had ordered a full 10 days before was a miscommunication
I wouldn't order anything from this flower shop as you don't know if it will be delivered or not and if not they are just going to blame you for their mistake instead of making it right.
To the owner that I spoke to on the phone You need to take a course on customer service SOON!
Sarah Alisch / March 14, 2013 at 05:26 pm
The Flower Nook is my first choice when it comes to sending flowers to family or friends, or even getting a fresh bunch of flowers for myself. I'm always impressed with the arrangements! I'm glad that I can just call the shop and they have all my information in the computer and are always willing to put together something specific to meet my needs. I know the quality of flowers at the shop is very good as well since the flowers always seem to last longer than flowers from other places. Thank you to the Flower Nook for this lovely bunch of flowers I got a couple days ago, they are beautiful! :)
Alex Dezan / December 11, 2013 at 12:54 pm
I wanted to deliver flowers on the same day as my order which I placed at 8:30am. I called exactly at 9:00am only to be greeted kindly by Jen. I explained to her my situation that the flowers I ordered needed to be delivered to Toronto Pearson Airport to Terminal 3 - WestJet by 1pm...I had very specific demands. Jen was kind enough to assure me that although her store did not deliver to the airport receiving an order on the same day, she would be glad to arrange the delivery through another florist.

After 20 minutes had gone by, Jen called me back and told me no one would deliver to the airport OR I needed to submit the order the day before I wanted it to go out. I was worried. Sure enough, Jen said she would keep trying for me. I then called 6 stores to ask if they would and they all said no. No one even had the courtesy to help me out as Jen had/was. I received another call from Jen and she explained that no one was able to do the delivery however, she had called her dad and he agreed to deliver the flowers...TALK ABOUT SERVICE!

My girlfriend received the flowers while she was leaving from work (11:30am) because she was let off early otherwise I would have sent the flowers too late.

My girlfriend loved the flowers and said they were beautiful!

Incredible service, incredible product and I just want to thank Jen, her dad, and The Flower Nook for making this day for us!

Cheryl / February 16, 2014 at 03:46 pm
I ordered flowers for my mother for Valentine's Day. I called 2 weeks before to ensure they would be delivered on THE DAY! I was assured that they would be. Well they never arrived. When I called The Flower Nook early in the morning on the 15th, I was assured that they were delivered. "We finished our deliveries early" I was told. After she looked into it I was told that because my mom doesn't live in the city, they are passed onto another company for delivery and that company had problems. My mom lives not far from Jane and Bloor. That's not the city???? The Flower Nook did apologize and said they wouldn't charge for the delivery. I suggested that more of a discount should happen since the flowers had been sitting somewhere for 2 days before being delivered. (Deliveries for outside of the city went out on Thursday). My mom's flowers were being delivered on Saturday now. The manager said, "Well we are sorry but there's nothing we can do except suggest that next year you ask us to deliver them on the 13th when it's not so busy". But seriously, you're a florist and you can't deliver flowers on Valentine's Day when you have 2 weeks notice. If you couldn't deliver on time, you shouldn't have taken the order. In short, beautiful flowers, unpredictable delivery and horrible customer service.
Elijah / July 30, 2015 at 12:50 pm
my delivery was not what I expected, the arrangement had newspaper stuffing and lots of it, water spillage everywhere! I called the shop and was greeted by someone who seemed to busy to care, puttting me on hold about 3 times...there was no offer to replace or credit me for this delivery. Not the level of service I would expect after paying about $150. Never going back

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