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Posted by James Buttivant / Posted on July 12, 2010

Cornerstone TorontoCornerstone Home Interiors is a furniture, decor and design store in the heart of the Junction. It's a good fit for people where space in not a concern because their large and overstuffed showroom is full of heavy and grand furniture that wouldn't even fit in my elevator, let alone my living room.

Cornerstone TorontoYou see, in my mind, I have an enormous house full of various living/family/media rooms, each in need of their own distinct, over-sized sofa and coffee table. But in real life I'm the proud renter of your average small condo where I can barely squeeze in a couple of side tables and storage cubes.

Cornerstone TorontoCornerstone's specialty is a mix of sophisticated vintage, art deco and Asian inspired contemporary furniture. The store is well-laid out and easy to shop with the dining tables set for imaginary dinners and the chairs, couches and cabinets filled with knick-knacks and figurines - making it easy to imagine how well they'd fit in your own (enormous) house.

Cornerstone TorontoOn the Saturday of my visit, the store advertised a "Rowe Fine Furniture" sale, with many of the new pieces throughout the store available at a discount. The only tricky part is the bright red "sale" tags didn't indicate the original price, so I can only assume that the Rowe "Crosby" chairs for $695 in any fabric is a good deal. There were also Rowe "Caren" chairs and ottomans for $1250. Both of these pieces are sharp, solid side chairs that would fit well with any decorating and design style, and the wide array of fabric choices would complement any pre-established colour palette.

Cornerstone TorontoI also saw a beautiful (but large) sectional sofa for $3495, another huge six-piece sectional for $3800 (marked down from $4500), and a really impressive round bistro table (66w x 47d x 37 h) for $750. Each would go great in my imaginary mansion, but sadly won't be making it anywhere near (or in) my condo.

Cornerstone TorontoI headed down to the basement at Cornerstone, where they offer more of the same as upstairs, a few less decorative touches and a strong smell of paint. Unless you have something specific in mind, the size of their selection might get a bit overwhelming with pieces that - after a while - all start to look the same: large.

Cornerstone TorontoCornerstone also offers some unique knick knacks, including a wide variety of terra cotta warrior busts for $500 (marked "as is"), a four foot tall wire Eiffel tower for $250 and a giant Jesus crucifix in the middle of the store (but, of course, Jesus was not priced). Either way, I don't have the wall space - or desire - for such a, literally, oversized wall-hanging.

Cornerstone TorontoThe staff seemed friendly, the store was busy, but the type of furniture available at Cornerstone just isn't for everyone. It's a lot of stuff that's fun to look at and pretend to own and use, plus the furniture, accents and bric-a-brac are a lot different than what you might find anywhere else, but it's tough to see the practicality of such large, oversized pieces.

Writing by James Buttivant. Photos by Dennis Marciniak.


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