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Corso Italia

Corso Italia, Toronto's other Little Italy, is lower-key then its more famous namesake and absent the seemingly growing list of martini bars that now shape College Street. The Italian community here is more focused on the food. Some of the best pizza in the city can be found at spots like the Big Ragu and Marcello's. Many feel you can't do better than La Paloma's gelato and anyone would be hard-pressed not to wander into Tre Mari Bakery after getting a whiff of the bread and pastries baked fresh daily within.

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Agio / Restaurants

1351 St Clair Ave W 647.348.4814 Website

Agio is an Italian restaurant on St. Clair in the heart of Corsa Italia. Bonus: Agio is owned and operated by a friendly South Korean chef who speaks Italian and...

Astra Salon / Fashion Stores

1033 St Clair Ave W 416.920.8091
Astra Salon

Astra Salon is a cute hair salon on St. Clair West. The salon does everything hair-related for both men and women. Always welcoming to newcomers, this place has a nest...

Axe Capoeira / Fitness Clubs

1069 St. Clair Ave. West 647.340.2293 Website
Axe Capoeira

Axe Capoeira on St. Clair west of Dufferin teaches classes in Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art. Youth, introductory, beginner, and mixed classes are available, as well as dance classes, boot...

Benkei Sushi / Restaurants

1238 St. Clair Avenue West 416.658.1238
Benkei Sushi

Benkei Sushi is a Japanese restaurant in Little Italy known for its generous portions and cheap lunch specials....

Blood Sweat and Tears / Services

1081 St. Clair West 416.656.3434 Website
Blood Sweat and Tears

Blood Sweat and Tears is an appropriately named tattoo parlor located at St. Clair West and Dufferin. Visit the shop's website for photographs of their work, pricing and artist biographies....

Blu Ivory / Fashion Stores

1282 St Clair Ave W 416.656.8000 Website
Blu Ivory

Blu Ivory is a bridal shop in the Corso Italia stretch of St. Clair West, where many similar stores reside. They do evening wear and bridesmaids as well as bridal....

Centro Trattoria & Formaggi / Grocery Stores

1224 St. Clair West 416.656.8111 Website
Centro Trattoria & Formaggi

Centro Trattoria & Formaggi has been the place to go for imported Italian foods on St. Clair for over 30 years, and it's exactly what you would expect from an...

ChocoSol / Grocery Stores

1131 St. Clair Ave. West 416.923.6675 Website

ChocoSol isn't just about making chocolate. Its philosophy, Mathieu McFadden tells me, is about "community, social enterprise, and traditional methods." UPDATE FEB 2014: Chocosol is now at 1131 St. Clair Avenue...

Christian Boutique / Fashion Stores

1236 St. Clair Ave West 416.651.2931 Website
Christian Boutique

Christian Boutique is a women's fashion store on St. Clair West selling both casual and evening wear. The store sells lines by Roberto Cavalli, Moschino, Anna Sui and more. Christian...

Churrasqueira BBQ Grill House / Restaurants

1623 St. Clair West 416.653.1623
Churrasqueira BBQ Grill House

Churrasqueira BBQ Grill House, attached to Tavora grocers, is a casual take-out restaurant serving up an assortment of meats grilled in traditional Portuguese fashion. Sides such as baked potatoes and...

Consiglio's Kitchenware & Gift / Design Stores

1219 St. Clair Ave West 416.653.6622 Website
Consiglio's Kitchenware & Gift

Consiglio's Kitchenware & Gift is a St. Clair landmark. Established in 1973, the shop sells everything related to kitchens and has some cool specialty items - my favourite, the coffee...

D.Kinnas Lanchonete / Restaurants

1646 St Clair Ave W 647.748.1626 Website
D.Kinnas Lanchonete

D.Kinnas Lanchonete is a Brazilian licensed snack bar featuring mini pastels, cheese balls, and hearts of palm pie. They also do pizzas, smoothies, and juices, and offer catering. ...

Da Leonardo / Restaurants

1239 St. Clair Avenue West 416.651.9025 Website
Da Leonardo

Da Leonardo is a restaurant on St. Clair West serving authentic dishes best enjoyed on its patio during the summer months....

Dairy Freeze / Restaurants

1601 St Clair Ave West 416.654.2565
Dairy Freeze

Dairy Freeze has graced the corner of St. Clair and Caledonia since before I can remember. I've been living in the area for 24 years (all of 'em, that's...

Di Sapia / Fashion Stores

1253 St. Clair Ave West 416.654.6333
Di Sapia

Di Sapia is the best bet for eyewear in Corso Italia. They sell a range of designer glasses and sunglasses. ...

Fragola Caffe / Restaurants

1216 St Clair Avenue West 416.657.0777
Fragola Caffe

Fragola Caffe offers a variety of coffee drinks, gelato and desserts, as well as pizza, pasta, salads, and panini. Fragola also has free WiFi....

Frank's Pizza House / Restaurants

1352 St. Clair Ave W 416.651.4432 Website
Frank's Pizza House

Frank's Pizza House is just about as good as they come. Right in Corsa Italia, this restaurant makes its calzone obtrusively huge (rightfully so), overstuffed with gooey goodness in complete...

Genesis / Fashion Stores

1188 St. Clair Ave West 416.652.1386 Website

Genesis is a men's fashion boutique on St. Clair West - the real little Italy. Servicing the neighborhood since the 70's, Genesis has been around for a long time. The...

Invictus / Restaurants

1331 St. Clair Ave W. 416.656.5511

Invictus is a no-frills Italian restaurant serving up quintessential North American Italian food in the heart of Corso Italia. There's nothing too fancy about the decor, but the affordable homestyle...

Klar Wowk / Design Stores

1870 St. Clair Ave W. 647.983.9695 Website
Klar Wowk

Klar Wowk is a little hard to find because it's located at the back of a non-descript building on St. Clair West near The Stockyards. If you do happen to...

Kokyo Sushi / Restaurants

572 Rogers Rd 416.962.6968 Website
Kokyo Sushi

Kokyo Sushi is a basic sushi place in an area that's typically dominated more by bakeries and churrasquieras. They do all the basics like hand rolls, bento boxes, and sashimi,...

La Bruschetta / Restaurants

1317 St. Clair Ave W. 416.656.8622 Website
La Bruschetta

La Bruschetta is an upscale, family-run joint in the heart of Corso Italia (just east of Lansdowne) with a focus on traditional dishes from Central Italy. In a neighborhood brimming...

La Paloma / Restaurants

1357 St. Clair Avenue West 416.656.2340 Website
La Paloma

La Paloma, in the west end of Corso Italia, sits across the street from a cemetery and strikes me as an odd place for a gelateria. However, one taste of...

Marcello's Pizzeria / Restaurants

1163 St Clair Avenue West 416.656.6159
Marcello's Pizzeria

Marcello's Pizzeria is a local favourite in Toronto's Corso Italia. There are more than 20 pizza options to choose from as well as pasta, sandwiches and salads. ...

Meo Imports / Fashion Stores

1251 St Clair Avenue West 416.901.3445 Website
Meo Imports

Meo Imports is all about cork. This store sells cork everything - cork purses, bracelets, bags, even shoes. Straight outta Portugal, cork the country's major export. It's all about Portugal...

Mindful Bodyworks / Fitness Clubs

1278 Saint Clair Avenue West 647.748.8399 Website
Mindful Bodyworks

Mindful Bodyworks is a yoga studio connected to a mindfulness centre. They offer classes to enhance the connection between body and mind in their upper floor studio on St. Clair...

Novecento / Cafes

1228 St. Clair Ave West 416.654.9900

Having heard such great things about Novecento, a European-style corner cafe along St Clair's, Corso Italia, I decided to put it to the real test by bringing a local area...

Palermo Bakery / Baked Goods

1084 St. Clair Avenue W 416.654.5037
Palermo Bakery

Palermo Bakery is a popular Portuguese bakery located in the heart of Corso Italia. Best known for its delicious traditional pastries and ultra-cheap hot sandwiches ($3 for assorted meats on...

Pho 66 / Restaurants

1795 St Clair Avenue West 416.653.6654
Pho 66

As promised in our last Pho encounter, this weekend I paid a visit to Pho 66 (not 88) at St. Clair W & Old Weston Rd. I decided to head to...

Pho Rang Dong / Restaurants

1193 St Clair Ave West 416.849.4775
Pho Rang Dong

Living near Lansdowne & St Clair, a pho craving is usually satisfied by heading westwards to the little pho village that's formed over near Weston Road. In the last...

Pizza e Pazzi / Restaurants

1182 St. Clair Avenue West 647.352.7882 Website
Pizza e Pazzi

Pizza e Pazzi recently opened near the corner of St. Clair and Dufferin. Being one of the few pizzerias in the city that can claim certification from the Associazone Verace...

Porto Rotisserie House / Restaurants

1370 St.Clair Ave West 416.654.7455 Website
Porto Rotisserie House

Porto Rotisserie House is a Portuguese grill restaurant on St. Clair West. This ain't no typical Portuguese BBQ chicken place. The specialty here is traditional dishes and grilled meat/seafood....

Prestige Salon & Spa / Fashion Stores

1613 St Clair Ave W 416.657.0101 Website
Prestige Salon & Spa

Prestige Salon & Spa is located at the more western reaches of St. Clair West, identifiable by the giant airbrush portrait of Marilyn Monroe on the side and hot pink...

Qui Ristorante / Restaurants

1654 St Clair Ave W 416.653.8090 Website
Qui Ristorante

Qui Ristorante is a restaurant on Corso Italia in the part of St. Clair West that still has a tight hold on its roots. This simple restaurant has a sliding...

Qui Ristorante / Restaurants

1654 St Clair Ave W 416.653.8090 Website
Qui Ristorante

Qui Ristorante is a restaurant on Corso Italia in the part of St. Clair West that still has a tight hold on its roots. This simple restaurant has a sliding...

Rio 40 / Restaurants

1256 St. Clair Avenue West 416.654.6393 Website
Rio 40

Rio 40 on St. Clair West is a favourite for Brazilian cuisine with a little Italian thrown in to appease the locals. Best-loved for it's huge steaks, the restaurant also...

Royal Caribbean Cafe / Restaurants

1127 St. Clair Ave W. 416.651.9554 Website
Royal Caribbean Cafe

Royal Caribbean Cafe serves up authentic West Indies cuisine in the Corso Italia neighborhood. With a warm, welcoming atmosphere and excellent service, this restaurant is a real treat. Traditional dishes...

Rui's BBQ / Restaurants

450 Rogers Rd 647.427.2631 Website
Rui's BBQ

Rui's BBQ is a neighbourhood churrasqueira in the Rogers Road part of town that also does roasted piglet. They're open seven days a week and do catering. ...

San Remo Florist / Design Stores

1151 Saint Clair Avenue West 416.652.1822 Website
San Remo Florist

San Remo Florist offers flowers and gifts for every occasion. It also works with custom lighting, draping, prop design, and more for personal and corporate events....

Sunnyside Grill (Corso Italia) / Restaurants

1218 St Clair Ave West 647.346.4666 Website
Sunnyside Grill (Corso Italia)

The Sunnyside Grill is one of those brunch spots whose business model rests on the notion that brunch shouldn't strictly be a weekend thing. As a result, its franchise seems...

Tantra Lounge / Restaurants

1157 St Clair Ave W 647.340.9027 Website
Tantra Lounge

Tantra Lounge is a chill sit-down bar on St.Clair West. Adorned with Indian statues and d├ęcor, this place is obviously India inspired. The menu is totally Indian - I suggest...

Tanya's Gifts & Gallery / Design Stores

1327 St. Clair Ave West 416.652.0763 Website
Tanya's Gifts & Gallery

Tanya's Gifts and Gallery on St. Clair sells classic and modern furniture and accessories including chairs, tables, lamps and mirrors. ...

Tavora / Grocery Stores

1625 St. Clair West 416.656.1592

Tavora is a Portuguese grocer, importing many of its products from abroad. Staples include fresh and frozen fish, fresh beans and meats. Specialty ingredients from Portugal are also abundant....

The Big Ragu / Restaurants

1338 Lansdowne Ave 416.654.7248 Website
The Big Ragu

As a Toronto gal of Italian heritage, I rarely eat out at Italian restos. I could count the worthwhile ones on one hand -- and have fingers to spare....

The Big Slice (St. Clair) / Restaurants

1154 St. Clair Ave. West 416.651.7777
The Big Slice (St. Clair)

Sitting around on a breezy summer evening with no food and no desire to cook... It wouldn't be the first time, but this time, my friends and I weren't...

Timeless Tattoo Studio / Services

1179 St Clair Avenue West 647.992.0024 Website
Timeless Tattoo Studio

Timeless Tattoo Studio is a parlour located in the heart of Corso Italia that mainly does portraiture and realistic pieces. Its specialty is larger tattoos, so if you want to...

Tokyo Sushi (St. Clair) / Restaurants

1201 St. Clair Ave West 416.657.1201 Website
Tokyo Sushi (St. Clair)

Tokyo Sushi, located in Toronto's Corso Italia neighbourhood, is a huge franchise with over 15 locations around the city. Around since 1989, this place serves up traditional Japanese sushi, teriyaki...

Tre Mari Bakery / Baked Goods

1311 St. Clair Avenue West 416.654.8960 Website
Tre Mari Bakery

Tre Mari Bakery has been a staple in Corso Italia since 1960. Fifty one years and three generations later, it's still a family affair currently overseen by founder Vincent Deleo...

Uptown Fitness / Fitness Clubs

1154 St. Clair Ave West 416.651.0123 Website
Uptown Fitness

Uptown Fitness on St. Clair West has plenty of free weights, cardio equipment and other machines. They also offer ab, spin, yoga and boxing classes....

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