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12 haunted places to get spooked at in Toronto

Toronto is filled with supposedly haunted places. Behind the facade of some of our city's most beautiful old buildings lies a more gruesome past that's waiting for you to discover. Halloween is the perfect time for you to explore spooky sites, which are located all over for your ghost hunting convenience, of course.

Here are some of the creepiest haunted places in Toronto.

Lower Bay Station
This abandoned subway station appears in lots of movies and TV shows. It's also apparently haunted by a mysterious lady in red. Next time the subway diverts through the abandoned station make sure to watch for her apparition.

Guild Inn grounds
The former summer home of Colonel Harold Bickford might be getting redeveloped right now, but in the past, it's had a number of uses including as a hotel, military hospital and missionary college. The creepy architectural cemetery is made even more so by the prospect of ghosts on the grounds.


Don Jail
The old Don Jail is often considered one of the most haunted places in the city. Between 1908 and 1962, 34 hangings took place here and in 2007, human remains were found on site.

University College
Stonemasons Ivan Reznikoff and Paul Diablos were working on University College back in the 1850s. Legend has it that they got into a fight over a woman and Diablos murdered Reznikoff and buried his body at on campus. According to legend, after the Great Fire in 1914, workers found a skeleton wearing a belt stamped with a stonemasons emblem.

haunted toronto

Keg Mansion
Head here for a steak and leave with a paranormal encounter. The former Massey mansion is supposedly home to a number of ghosts, including the Massey's only daughter who died in the house and one of the family's maids who hung herself in the foyer. Some dinner guests say the ghost of a little boy haunts the stairwell.

Colborne Lodge
This building, originally owned by John and Jemima Howard, in High Park might not be as innocent as it looks. Over the years, many people have reported experiencing some paranormal activity in and around it. Supposedly Jemima Howard died in the house after battling breast cancer.

haunted places toronto

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse
John Paul Radelmüller was Toronto's very first lighthouse keeper and he disappeared in early 1815. Legend goes that two soldiers murdered him and hid his body after he refused to continue serving them drinks. Many say his spirit now haunts the lighthouse.

Bridge by Old Finch and Morningside
This is a popular place for high schoolers to drive out to. Legend goes, a young girl died here on her birthday. Head to the bridge and sing happy birthday, I dare you.


Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre
Like all old theatres, the Elgin and Winter Garden is apparently haunted. You may not see the Phantom of the Opera here, but many strange phenomena and sitings have been reported between shows.

St. Michael's Hospital
It's no surprise this hospital, founded in 1892, is reportedly haunted. One of the health centre's most famous ghosts is Sister Vincenza (or "Vinnie) who might appear on the 7th floor of the hospital's Cardinal Carter wing, the former maternity ward.

haunted toronto

Old City Hall
Robert Turpin and Arthur Lucas, the last two men sentenced to capital punishment in Toronto back in 1962, reportedly haunt Courtroom 33 in Old City Hall. It's really no surprise that this Romanesque Revival building, dating back to the turn of the 20th century, is haunted

Ryerson Theatre School
No, we're not being dramatic, actors at the Ryerson Theatre School have reportedly experienced some creepy things in this building on Gould Street. It used to house the Ontario College of Pharmacy and students there used to work on cadavers. Could those spirits still be roaming the hallways?

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