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Ice bar and lounge to finally open its doors in Toronto

Posted by Aubrey Jax / July 16, 2014

Chill Ice House TorontoToronto's first Ice bar and lounge is finally set to launch. Tomorrow The Chill Ice House will open its doors in the former Drake General Store space at 82 Bathurst Street (between King and Wellington). Assuming the heat waves return, the frozen lounge will be another welcome alternative to cooling down in Lake Ontario.

The official Toronto Ice King (sorry) club will feature -5 degree Celsius climate control and more or less ice everything, from furniture and decorations to dishware. If Chill Ice House sanitizes ice plates and cocktail glasses using liquid nitrogen, I know some dishwashers who'd be glad to make the salaries of cryonic scientists.

The lounge also has a speak-easy warm-up cabin for those who find the chill a little too intense. As a dainty person, I appreciate the consideration. While the lounge opens tomorrow (July 17), the official opening party on July 24th will feature an ice DJ booth (cheeky requests may or may not be honoured), and live ice sculpting. Dig out your cutest winter gear three months early unless you want to wear the courtesy parkas provided at the door, or refuse to don a jacket altogether and live on the edge.

An earlier version stated the lounge opened on July 24th, but it will in fact open July 17, 2014.

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Mr. ICE COOL / July 16, 2014 at 12:25 pm
Chill vibes here!
CW / July 16, 2014 at 12:38 pm
Great idea for the summer.

Were those jackets for the opening only or will they hand them out when you go in? Hope they sanitize them daily because sweaty people are in abundance right now.
why why why / July 16, 2014 at 12:51 pm
This is something you might consider going to once.

Who in their right mind would decide .."Hey this can be my new local bar".

@Rick...you couldn't be more right. This place will melt into oblivion in no time.
worst / July 16, 2014 at 01:16 pm
Worst idea ever.
Meh / July 16, 2014 at 01:16 pm
This is exactly like minus 5 in NYC. Smh. Classic example of Toronto's inferiority complex w/ New York.
steverator / July 16, 2014 at 01:29 pm
I'd visit this place in the winter time. Hell minus 5 degrees is balmy compared to the outside temperatures we had all last winter.
Arrow replying to a comment from Meh / July 16, 2014 at 01:36 pm
Not sure where you get NYC from, the concept of ice bars started in Sweden back in the 90's.
saps / July 16, 2014 at 01:38 pm
So lets get this straight..

We force ourselves onto patios in the late fall with big huge space heaters (im looking at your Black Bull)because we love the outdoors and heat so much.

But somehow a bar thats always -5, year round, is somehow supposed to become a "hot" spot?

Where is the logic.

These places only work in traditional cold places (Iceland, Sweden, maybe Quebec City and to a far lesser extent in kitschy places like Las Vegas).

There is no market for this in Toronto, outside of the goofs out on King West who jump when someone tells them something is "cool".
ecojerk / July 16, 2014 at 01:48 pm
an appalling waste of energy
true replying to a comment from ecojerk / July 16, 2014 at 01:55 pm
I'll agree with you 50%.

Definitely an appalling idea.

But could give a fuk about energy waste.
! / July 16, 2014 at 02:03 pm
Good luck - hope you will survive the winter months !!!!
mickael / July 16, 2014 at 02:15 pm
Let's hope the dancing doesn't get too spicy or the walls might start to melt ;) I know if I get out there and cut a rug the place will be dripping (and not just the ice ;))
Toshio / July 16, 2014 at 02:27 pm
NO, Thank you.
vic / July 16, 2014 at 02:37 pm
... saying it's going to melt is complete stupidity, they have ice bars down in Australia. If they don't melt there, i'm sure we're fine here in Canada. And im sure the people who build this bar/club are resourceful and smart enough to make sure there are no flaws to cause it to melt.
Its a cool idea for those super hot summers we get, but at the same time, we're in canada. If I wanted to get drunk in the cold i'd wait for our half of a year of winter, sit in my yard and drink.
Svej replying to a comment from true / July 16, 2014 at 02:53 pm
To be fair, the may save a lot of energy in the winter if they don't need to heat the building much.
Amy replying to a comment from Svej / July 16, 2014 at 03:20 pm
If you're worried about energy and the environment stop drinking imported wines and beers that need to be shipped over here AND stop buying Apple products as they are the least green major electronics company.
seriously? replying to a comment from vic / July 16, 2014 at 03:27 pm
umm, you know people aren't being serious about it melting right?

Wolston Lobo replying to a comment from Rick / July 16, 2014 at 06:07 pm
I'm not sure what will happen to this place in the next few months.
No One / July 16, 2014 at 06:32 pm
"This place will be my new local..." - No One
QueenOfSpades / July 16, 2014 at 07:09 pm
Swingers Night will be terrible!
Thompy / July 16, 2014 at 09:05 pm
It's not as though they just place the ice in the old building and hope for the best. Reefer units are installed which help maintain the temperature, and are much more airtight than a normal building using air conditioning all summer long....maybe not the waste of energy you're all commenting about. Also, with the amount of tourism in Toronto, this may very we'll survive all year round...don't think they won't have events and awesome marketing to bring people in. I just love how supportive people are of their city.
Jeff / July 16, 2014 at 09:38 pm
From an outside perspective, this could seem like a bad business idea to have it in toronto. However, I've been to one of them in Prague, and almost went to the other one in Amsterdam. They're both cold climate country and this bar has thrive there. It's not going to be a bar where people chill and the locals hangout. It's more of a tourist attraction, imo
TAP / July 17, 2014 at 06:56 am
OMG How old are you people? How grumpy are you people?

I spend part of the 80's and early 90's clubbing and wish this idea was around. It would have been FUN!

In fact, I just may see if the crew can find some babysitters and check it out ourselves(do the doors open at 7:30?)

Dance clubs are not meant to last forever. They open for a couple of years and then move on. Clubbers get older, have families and stop going. It's ideas like this that keep things fresh and fun for the next generation of party goers.
Joe replying to a comment from Thompy / July 17, 2014 at 10:04 am
Isn't it just astounding how supportive people are on this site. I have done my research, and went last weekend for the soft opening. the place is GREENER than it was when it was the Drake General Store. There is a Speakeasy in the back that is the most comfortable, inviting, unique space I have seen on King West - ever. This place is truly amazing. THe staff was so unpretentious and frankly, hilarious. To all you negative Nelly's out there... please.... stay in your parents basement. CHILL ROCKS!!
Ian replying to a comment from TAP / July 17, 2014 at 10:07 am
Open for families from Noon - 7pm I think. I just went last night. I am a Founding Member. There is a sculpture from the movie Frozen in there. It's amazing and I couldn't agree with you more. Grumpy people on here. Toronto needs fresh places like this
johnny english / July 17, 2014 at 12:49 pm
I wonder if they sell cold drinks
Lin ye / July 17, 2014 at 12:58 pm
Craig / July 18, 2014 at 10:50 am
Lol at people's comments. -5 is quite a bit warmer than our winters, this place will feel like a sauna then.
ana / July 18, 2014 at 02:44 pm

Randy / August 11, 2014 at 05:39 pm
This place has the next wicked written all over it
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