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Is this a better logo for the City of Toronto?

Posted by Aubrey Jax / January 9, 2014

Toronto LogoDoes Toronto need a new logo? The city's current logo has been in place since 1998, so the Globe and Mail decided to reach out to 8 local designers to see if they could come up with something better. Check out what they came up with here.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This post originally featured a logo from another designer but after the designer asked us to remove it we decided to link to the Globe and Mail article instead.



Matt / January 14, 2014 at 10:24 am
I'd have to say it isn't a better logo.

The scalability and reproduction in a single colour would both be practical issues with this execution. The rationale for this concept is interesting, but I think that this logo would fall short if it were implemented.

Can you reproduce that gradient on the vinyl-cut decals that adorn city vehicles? If this were black and white would it still have the same visual impact? A concept has to have the ability to 'roll-out' as intended.

Sean / January 14, 2014 at 02:06 pm
The Capital T does not have a solid foundation to sit on, so it appears unstable. All the numerous circles make for a confusing and busy focal point. The colored letter O's in the word Toronto serves no purpose. The "city of neighborhood" is too small and an afterthought.
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