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How Toronto coped with the (nasty, awful) cold spell

Posted by Staff / January 4, 2014

cold spell torontoIt's a whole lot warmer in Toronto this morning that has been over the past few days, but one suspects that there will still be thousands of people tearing back multiple blankets as they get out of bed. Although the folks in Winnipeg might scoff at our plight, it has been brutal out there, with windchill numbers below -30C. We've had an extreme cold weather alert, ice quakes, streetcars pulled from service, and more weather-related complaints than you can imagine during this deep freeze. Thankfully it's (mostly) over. Now we can look forward to a massive snowstorm. Lovely.

Here's how some of our Twitter followers coped with the cold spell.


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Joe / January 5, 2014 at 08:54 am
Considering parts of the country are at -30 most of the winter…I find Torontonians to be a bit of a bunch of whiners!! During our so called cold spell, Kenora, Ont. was at -50 with the wind chill.. Quit whining about the weather!!
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