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Ontario provincial election results 2011

Posted by Derek Flack / October 6, 2011

Ontario Provincial Election Results 2011Ontario provincial election results 2011

The polls have just closed in the GTA, with the exception of Toronto-Centre and Trinity-Spadina, where the polling stations encountered significant enough technical difficulties that they've decided to keep them open until 9:30 p.m. We'll be updating this post over the course of the night as the results from the Ontario provincial election roll in. A close race is predicted, with 54 seats required to win a majority.



Ontario provincial election resultsThis is what it looks like this morning. Prior to the inevitable recounts in close ridings, the Liberals have won a minority government, coming just shy of the 54 seats required for a majority. Dalton McGuinty did, however, rule out any "deals" with other parties, saying he would work with the NDP and the PCs on a "case by case" basis.


Well, somebody had to say it.


Here's, once again, where it stands now:

LIB: 53 PC: 37 NDP: 17 GPO: 0

Should these results hold, just to be clear, the Liberals would hold a minority government (54 is needed for a majority). Should this remain the case, the big question to sign off on is who's the real winner tonight?


Last map of the night - this is the Toronto breakdown as it stands at the outset of October 7th.

Onatrio Provincial Election 2011The Liberals and NDP retain a stronghold on pre-amalgamation Toronto.

Holding strong at:

LIB: 53 PC: 37 NDP: 17 GPO: 0


Citytv declares a Liberal Minority Government. They are alone so far (I think).


Hghlights from Dalton McGunity's victory speech:

  • "While we may not know what the results will be in all the ridings, we will have succeeded in a goal of forming a Liberal government."
  • Forward together is the motif of McGuinty's speech


Horwath calls it a victory in Hamilton (though, not technicaly).
Andrea Horwath


Waiting on McGuinty. And! Waiting on the majority.minority question. Still not officially resolved with the Liberals at 53 electoral districts/seats. Here's the whole picture:

LIB: 53 PC: 37 NDP: 17 GPO: O


2011106-election-maps.jpgSo, yeah, the GTA has been kind of important, no? Map via the CBC.


Tim Hudak on the mike. "My friends, let me tell you, it's good to be back home again."

Other highlights:

  • "Although the result is not the one we hoped for, we do accept it."
  • "We don't know if it'll be minority or majority government, but it is clear that the people of Ontario have shown they want a change in direction."
  • "The people of Ontario have put Dalton McGuinity on a much shorter leash."


Polls reporting right now:

LIB: 53 PC: 37 NDP: 17 GPO: 0


Rosario Marchese just took back the lead in Trinity-Spadina, though it is still *very* tight. 70 polls left to report.


Here is Andrea Horwath's, untouched, cake. Not a terrible night for them, but hopes were higher.2011106-cake.jpg


Hmmm.Twitter Ontario Election


The Toronto Star likes CTV (I wonder why). "McGuinty's Liberals victorious and in majority territory"


Question: What of Ford Nation?


Jonah Schein leads Cristina Martins by a a narrow margin in Davenport. Same deal in Trinity-Spadina, where somehow Sarah Thomson is also narrowly leading (over Rosario Marchese).


The majority question is the question. Libs hang around 53/54 seats right now.


NDP provincialThe scene at the NDP party in Hamilton as supporters wait for results. The party is currently projected at 17 seats.


Rocco Rossi looks like he's going to lose again. Time to hang 'em up R.R.?


Everyone is still projecting a Liberal win, but here's the polls as it stands now:

LIB: 50 PC: 38 NDP: 19 GPO: 0


CP24 and CTV declare Liberal win. The key question remains whether or not it's a majority. Here's the results, as reporting right now (via CBC):

LIB: 52 PC: 38 NDP: 15 GPO: 0


Huge update early in the night! Here are the projected results as reported by CP24 at 9:20pm or so.

LIB: 50 PC: 35: NDP: 13 GPO: 0

That's majority territory. The Liberals are leading in 49 ridings, while the PCs are leading in 25.


Not that it really matters at this point, but this is who some of the TO-based media folks endorsed:


Oh hey, it's 2-0 Leafs. In case you care...


Just kidding! The stupid-early results have it as follows (N.B. this is irrelevant):

PC: 7 LIB: 4 NDP: 0 GPO: 0


I'm actually watching the hockey game right now, so I don't have an update to offer.


The polls just closed! Maybe if I use enough exclamation points, this election will become exciting!

Photo by Amir Syed in the blogTO Flickr pool



Who dat? / October 6, 2011 at 10:16 pm
Amazing. Slicky D scammed Ontarians for $1 billion thanks to E-health under his watch, and now he gets carte blanche to try it all over again. Ontario voters are either complete twats or terminally apathetic.
woot replying to a comment from Who dat? / October 6, 2011 at 10:20 pm
Curious - did you vote for Rob Ford or perhaps not at all?
Who dat? replying to a comment from woot / October 6, 2011 at 10:32 pm
Your derailed comment reminds me that I forgot to mention a third category of voter: pathologically stupid.
liberal minority / October 6, 2011 at 10:50 pm
A liberal minority is good for toronto. Their government with depend on working with the NDP. NDP wants transit city back and want some kind of funding in place for the TTC. So might be a win/win for toronto.

Who dat? need a tissue for your issues?
Bill somerrs / October 6, 2011 at 10:52 pm
Go Liberal Tim hudak cutting the child benefit how am I supposed to afford my kids
JLankford / October 6, 2011 at 11:07 pm
Ford nation fumbling cement Toronto as a Liberal/NDP stronghold. The delicious irony.
RIchard / October 6, 2011 at 11:43 pm
A trained monkey could've beaten Dalton (eco tax and health tax after promising no new taxes, surprise tax, eHealth, etc.) and Hudak failed. That kind of bumbling incompetence is just astounding.
RIchard replying to a comment from Bill somerrs / October 6, 2011 at 11:44 pm
Maybe plan your finances out before having kids?
JM / October 6, 2011 at 11:57 pm
I have to laugh at the PC's utter inability to run an Ontario Campaign. There are a lot of reasons to criticize McGuinty, but targeting "Foreigners" and Transvestites is not the way to do it. Hudak had a 10 point earlier on, and destroyed it with his "Ontarians need not apply" Nonsense. For those suggesting Ontario Voters are at fault, that's crazy. Winning an Ontario election with zero seats in Toronto is nearly impossible, and you don't gain Toronto support by being Xenophobic. Hudak is at fault, the PC's did this to themselves and they'll have a long time to think about it.

Here's hoping the results stick and the NDP will have a say in policy.
Kieren replying to a comment from JM / October 7, 2011 at 01:45 am
Ontario's biggest fear is apparently tranny foreign wind turbines.
Mr Real replying to a comment from Bill somerrs / October 7, 2011 at 06:26 am
If you can't afford kids, don't have them!!
Dani / October 7, 2011 at 09:18 am
Why write "The Liberals and NDP retain a stronghold on pre-amalgamation Toronto" when the Liberals and NDP have a stronghold on all of amalgamated Toronto?
Craig / October 7, 2011 at 09:20 am
I'm happy with the results. It's not that I like Dalton McGuinty, it's just I don't trust Hudak. I remeber the Harris years (deregulating tution, selling off the 407, the Teachers' strikes, etc). Hudak was part of that.

If a proper PC party (in the vein of Bill Davis) shows up, I would vote for them. I refuse to vote for the current group hoisting the PC flag. Maybe failing at two consecutive elections will wake up the Progressive part of the PC party.
Ryan / October 7, 2011 at 10:02 am
Go leafs go
RS replying to a comment from Bill somerrs / October 7, 2011 at 10:08 am
Um, excuse me... Don't have kids if you can't afford them. Why should I and everyone else here pay for your kids??? Go get a job!
teenageboys replying to a comment from RS / October 7, 2011 at 10:45 am
Hahaha! Your advice doesn't help someone who already has kids! And anyways, your parents never consulted anyone before they were selfish and had you, and forced all of the hardworking taxpayers put their money into your education and welfare. Now it's your turn to return the favour. It's called living in a society.
Alex replying to a comment from Who dat? / October 7, 2011 at 10:46 am
It's so funny hearing PC supporters complain about Libs winning again and that they wasted so much money and now they're gonna raise our taxes. Were you even listening to what Hudak was saying in this campaign? If he had won and actually carried through with all his promises (which I really doubt) our property taxes and provincial deficit would have skyrocketed. Toronto voted Liberal because they were the only party with a plan that was almost fiscally feasible. Anyone in Toronto stupid enough to vote for Ford and believe all the crap he was spouting (lower taxes and no service cuts) wised up enough to recognize it for what it was when Hudak started spouting the same crap.

What's with the huge geographic divide on the electoral map? The parties need to do a better job of addressing issues in all areas, it's wrong that when one party wins a majority a huge area of Ontario will be ignored. I wish minority governments worked ideally, where all people are equally represented and the three parties could usually come to compromises. Instead we will probably just get a few years of bickering before an election is forced.
Also I think the map mistakenly shows Ajax-Pickering riding(just to the east of TO) as PC when it was Lib (but my geography isn't great, I could be wrong)
Yan / October 7, 2011 at 11:10 am
Thornhill - an island of sanity.
OR replying to a comment from Yan / October 7, 2011 at 11:18 am
Or a island of idiots depending on how you look at it.
Yan replying to a comment from OR / October 7, 2011 at 11:20 am
At least Shurman is really working for his votes.
john / October 7, 2011 at 03:55 pm
I didn't vote.. please don't bash me.. I have my reasons...
1) I didn't vote for Liberals, because I know others will...and they have..
2) I was going to vote for NDP (I loved Layton).... then I abstained....because.. I hated how the NDP candidate kept on interrupting my youtube experience with her ads which she thought would be clever...yeah you clearly failed...never come in between my alone time....
3) I didn't vote for the conservatives.. well I just didn't like Ford.. I think he is an ahole..

So was I right not to vote... perhaps not...

I think I sound like most people that didn't vote... don't I ? its not like a lot of people showed up to vote only 49.2% showed up...maybe now these politicians should try harder to get my attention....maybe give me a reason to vote... I mean, I know I am just a student.. but... still I am part of the 50.8% that didn't vote...

why should politicians listen to me and others like me?...I mean, I and other students are just going to be part of the workforce in a year or so...just replacing the baby boomers especially the learned workforce... clearly.. I am not important!!...

wait I should be important.. because I am going to contribute to society through my full time job... what if I manage a company?..or.. what if I am the owner of a company?... what if I matter in the future?... aren't these things of interest to the politicians?
don't they see the need to educate me about them?....I mean if they don't, maybe next election the trend will continue and there will be a smaller voter turnout....
well ignore me once more.. because... I am just a silly student...

keven replying to a comment from john / October 7, 2011 at 05:24 pm
holy insane, narcissistic rant
Frans Halls / October 7, 2011 at 05:54 pm
Reading all the treads I can see that the liberal arrogance again rises to the surface. This condescending and arrogance is going be their down fall, down the road. Federal "the true Conservatives not the progressive types in Ontario will play Dalton McGuinity like a fiddle and throw him many curve and hardballs where McGuinty will strike out, just like the Maple Leafs. When the federal funds dry up and when federal legislative activity affects the provincial Liberals, I can hear the stuck pigs in Toronto scream with pain and derision.
He who laughs last usually laughs best.
Frans Halls / October 7, 2011 at 06:00 pm
With out getting into a detail analyses of the PC's failed campaign strategy, there has to be a fundamental shift in the political ideology and philosophy of the term Progressive Conservative. The Ontario PC Party in it's deep rooted social and economic philosophy needs to be dramatically changed. The so called conservative view point has been hijacked by the progressive view point, in other words NDP / Liberal point of view. Note - words have meanings. The Name "Progressive Conservative is an oxmoron".Case in point is the recent provincial leadership election in Alberta, where the PC Party in many of their social and economic issues are far left of the Alberta's Liberals - go figure? That is why a new conservative thinking political party has evolved "The Wildrose Party". Is that was is needed in Ontario. Polls and demographic analysis of the Ontario population indicates well over 50 % of the people are conservative leaning. But you got to offer them conservative philosophy not NDP/Liberal philosophy.
Folks we need to get CONSERVATIVE back into the progressive Conservative Party, but without the Progressive.
The Ontario Provincial Progressive Conservative Party in my view point has abrogated true conservative values and voters.
seriously? replying to a comment from Frans Halls / October 7, 2011 at 06:09 pm
do you believe the B.S. you are spewing, seriously?
John replying to a comment from keven / October 7, 2011 at 06:59 pm
@ kevin: thats what the politicians did (narcissist rants about their party and where they stand on the political spectrum relative to their fundamentals) .... and guess what this will only bring out people that are fundamental or think they are either liberal, conservative or NDP..... and they only represent 49.2% of people that come out to vote... and I guarantee you this number will either shrink or stay constant....unless these parties change their fundamentalist traits and simply learn to solve the problems at hand in the most efficient way without fundamental biases...

my point: if this fundamentalist view is not changed then... Liberals will always win... because their fundamental core is essentially diversity and LIBERAL.... and because of this they will always capture Toronto...remember Toronto represents diversity and liberal fundamentalism... if a party wants to win other than Liberals, must capture the Toronto votes. How? silly numb party riders.. you have to accommodate their views and if you don't ..than this trend will continue...maybe, NDP will rise to the occasion.. and the Conservatives will just fail like they always do in Toronto...Remember, Ford came to power.. because most of us students and the younger generations thought he would bring change.. but guess what he is not going to be voted in next election...

Also, when Harris was in power... many of us (students, young adults) were in junior high... we heard our teachers say how bad he was.. we missed school because of him... and this memory will be hard to erase from our memories... at least for the next decade or so....
anamandate / October 8, 2011 at 02:40 am

The younger generation may not remember, but Ontarians had enough of NDP during the Bob Ray mandate by him even shortening the working days of the week to (4).

Equally Ontario suffered greatly during the Mike Harris Government as a PC Ontario leader.

Ontario has been strong, leading for the past 8 years as one of the most stable Provinces of this blessed Country and I am confident in our future, since we will have another (4) years under an experienced liberal leader, Premier Dalton McGuinty.
keven replying to a comment from John / October 8, 2011 at 09:13 am
Yes, John. Voting and democracy is ALL about you :P Srsly.
Alogon replying to a comment from john / October 8, 2011 at 03:01 pm
You are part of the problem, my friend. You are entirely self-absorbed and entitled.
First you say this, "I was going to vote for NDP (I loved Layton).... then I abstained....because.. I hated how the NDP candidate kept on interrupting my youtube experience with her ads which she thought would be clever...yeah you clearly failed...never come in between my alone time" and then have the audacity to say, "maybe now these politicians should try harder to get my attention....maybe give me a reason to vote... I mean, I know I am just a student.. but... still I am part of the 50.8% that didn't vote..." and, "wait I should be important.. because I am going to contribute to society through my full time job... what if I manage a company?..or.. what if I am the owner of a company?... what if I matter in the future?... aren't these things of interest to the politicians?
don't they see the need to educate me about them?".
Sorry pal, part of contributing to society is educating yourself on the issues. Put on your big-boy pants and stop acting like the world has to make you a sandwich and pat you on the head or you are in for a rough ride in the real world. How can you demand to be educated about the parties when you say something inane like you didn't vote for someone because the ads she ran (intended to educate people about them)interrupted your time watching You Tube videos.
You say you should be important because one day you may contribute to society? You won't get there sitting on your ass waiting for your "participant" ribbon; grade school's over, snowflake, it's time to take a responsibility people have died, do die, and will in future die for seriously. Don't vote if you think it makes some kind of statement, be delusional, whatever. But don't abstain because you are so soft and entitled that you think someone should set an appointment at your convenience to come to your home and walk you through their platform or because someone briefly caused an ad to come between you and your Justin Bieber videos. You got an internet connection, quit whining, get educated like an adult and get voting.
keven replying to a comment from Alogon / October 9, 2011 at 10:32 am
carnage replying to a comment from Bill somerrs / December 21, 2011 at 12:29 am
Here's an idea......Toronto can seperate from Ontario and keep you damn Liberals.....they have screwed us for 8 years and you think that voting them back is a smart idea.....I believe that type of attitude is known as one thing...DUMB!!
thanks Toronto...we can at least know that you made 2 good choices in helping with Harper & Rob Ford
claire983 / November 13, 2012 at 12:38 pm
to stop smoking to stop smoking
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