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Breaking Away the Cycle of Violence

Posted by Sameer / January 28, 2008

UNITY Charity hosts Breaking the Cycle: Canadian Break Dancing ChampionshipsPhoto: Bb01 by .brum.

I spent my early years in Queens, New York, where — just like in the music videos — it wasn't surprising to see local youth poppin' and lockin' to Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambaataa. Break dancing attracts and interests all kinds of crowds because of the sheer athleticism and skill required to complete some of the most standard moves.

Which is why I'm pretty disappointed that I won't be in Toronto for the Breaking the Cycle: the Canadian Break Dancing Championships presented by UNITY Charity at York University this Friday. Not only will the night showcase some of the best break dancers in the nation, but all the proceeds will be going to Hip Hop Away from Violence, UNITY's high school anti-violence outreach program that aims to help youth make positive life choices through positive forms of self-expression.

In addition to the break dancing championships, Breaking the Cycle will also feature live hip hop performances, DJ sets, photography, and even some spoken word by one of my favorite artists in Toronto, Boonaa.

While the night promises to be one crazy party, it's great to know that it's all going down for a good cause. Since 2003, UNITY has run their program in over 20 high schools in the Toronto, Peel, York, and Durham regions, reaching over 15,000 youth.

Breaking the Cycle goes down this Friday, February 1, at 8:30pm at The Underground. Tickets for the event must be purchased in advance, so drop by York University to buy yours, or email UNITY Charity for more information on how to get a hold of tickets.



Chris Orbz / January 28, 2008 at 12:29 pm
I'll be there, provided I can still get a ticket tomorrow. They're apparently very close to sold out and were telling people to try to get them today or tomorrow. If anyone's gonna be on campus trying to grab one, they're in Vari Hall 'til 4 today and in front of the Student Centre (food court between Vari and York Lanes) 10 - 4 tomorrow.

I've been to one of these before, when they were at the El Mo, and it was a funny mix of conventional hip hop elements with almost circus-y stuff like tap dancing, martial arts, even a contortionist. Pretty interesting.
Sameer Vasta / January 28, 2008 at 12:31 pm
Sweet! Sadly I can't make it, but hopefully you can grab some photos and add them to the Flickr pool so I can feel like I was there...
Chris Orbz / January 28, 2008 at 05:23 pm
I just got this message from them on Facebook:

WE ARE NOW SOLD OUT....we only have FIVE tickets left to be silent auctioned at the UNITY Table @ york from 11am - 3PM on TUESDAY JAN 29TH in front of the student center (the winner of the auction will be called at 3PM)

TICKETS START AT 20$ per ticket!
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