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The Best Hakka Restaurants in Toronto

Posted by Darren "DKLo" Susilo / December 3, 2014

hakka restaurants torontoThe best Hakka restaurants in Toronto provide heaping amounts of hot and heavy dishes. For those unfamiliar, the name "Hakka" actually refers to an ethnic group within China spread all around the world but in Toronto, the term has been used almost exclusively (and somewhat erroneously) in reference to Chinese people who settled in India, blending Chinese ingredients with garam masala and other Indian herbs.

The cuisine may feel a bit coarse, the restaurants may look mostly underwhelming, and the overall presentation may be unimpressive, but for my money it's hard to beat Hakka when your stomach starts whining for delicious and satisfying comfort food.

Here are the best Hakka restaurants in Toronto.

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The Best Meatball Sandwiches in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / December 1, 2014

meatball TorontoThe best meatball sandwiches in Toronto can be found at Italian hot tables and paninotecas. They're sandwiches that are bursting with flavour, not to mention dripping with sauce - these meatball sandwiches are ultra-messy, but totally worth the extra napkins.

Here are the best meatball sandwiches in Toronto.

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The Best Meatloaf in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / November 28, 2014

meatloaf torontoThe best meatloaf in Toronto will oblige cravings for homestyle comfort foods like no other dish will. Better than the version your mom made, these restaurants stick to traditional recipes, offering slabs of minced meat with classic accompaniments like gravy and mashed potatoes.

Here is the best meatloaf in Toronto.
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The Best Late Night Cafes in Toronto

Posted by Erinn Beth Langille / November 26, 2014

late night cafes torontoThe best late night cafes in Toronto are a haven for freelancers and social types who prefer their evening libations to be of the caffeinated, but perhaps non-alcoholic, variety. Board game cafés (Snakes and Lattes and For The Win are some examples - more here) are great places for nighttime coffee drinking, but the spiritedness of the gaming precludes café culture of the more erudite or casually social sort. Instead, this is a list of cafes with extended hours so you can keep working, reading and talking with a cup of joe.

Sometimes cocktails and other alcoholic drinks get added to the menu as night falls, while other locations stay true to their coffee shop roots and just keep pumping that caffeine until they close. And if those late coffees keep you up all night, I take no responsibility.

Here are the best late night cafes in Toronto.

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The Best Italian Bakeries in Toronto

Posted by Erinn Beth Langille / November 24, 2014

italian bakeries torontoThe best Italian bakeries in Toronto call on one of the world's most cherished culinary histories for recipes and inspiration. Italy's many varieties of bread and baked goods each reflect a different regional experience. Take, for example, the cassata, a Sicilian cake that features Middle Eastern flavours held over from a period of Arab dominance in the region. Tuscan bread tends to be plain, as it's used to dip into the rich stews typical of local cuisine, while Milan was the birthplace of panettone, the domed egg bread that's a favourite Christmas treat.

Now the bakeries of Toronto, each in the own way, and usually with their heart linked back to one region of Italy (North, South, Sicilian, etc.), provide examples of the rich baking traditions of the mother country. They're serving the strong Italian communities of Toronto, bringing them back with a slice from home, while spreading the good taste to everyone.

Here are the best Italian bakeries in Toronto.

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Photo of Lamanna's by Libby Roach.
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The Best Falafel in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / November 21, 2014

best falafel torontoThe best falafel in Toronto is more than the sum of its parts, though each of those parts had better be on point. From crispy fried-to order chickpea balls with steaming centres, to freshly-baked pita or laffa, and condiments like silky hummus, pickles (turnips are a must!) and fiery hot sauce - this list of falafel shops will satisfy all the essentials.

Here is the best falafel in Toronto.

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