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The Best Cafes in Toronto (East Side)

Posted by Christina Cheung / June 15, 2016

best cafes torontoThe best cafes in Toronto on the east side offer a bit of everything; some source and roast their own beans, while others also serve booze. Still more make their own baked goods in-house from scratch, but the common denominator for all of them is that they have mastered the craft of making great coffee.

Here are the best cafes in Toronto east of Yonge St.
Best of Toronto

The Best Coffee Roasters in Toronto

Posted by Christina Cheung / June 13, 2016

coffee roasters torontoThe best coffee roasters in Toronto know how to keep caffeine fiends happy, with knowledgeably and responsibly sourced beans that are expertly roasted locally. These aromatic goods can be found in better indie coffee shops around town touting hometown pride, although most of these roasters also have cafes of their own, where everything is prepared exactly the way they intended it to be - perfect.

Here are the best coffee roasters in Toronto.

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The Best Outdoor Skateparks in Toronto

Posted by Hassan Mohamud / June 12, 2016

skatepark torontoThe best outdoor skateparks in Toronto serve as places where skaters they can hone their craft and engage with a community of like-minded people. Many of the skateparks in this city started out as neighbourhood building/petition efforts to get young people more access to different kinds of physical activities, especially in underserved areas.

Here are my picks for the best outdoor skateparks in Toronto.

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The Best Fish Stores in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / June 10, 2016

fish stores torontoThe best fish stores in Toronto sell a wide variety of delicacies and also give out cooking-related advice and information on harvesting methods. Some of these stores are locally famous for their excellent value or selection of exotic fare, while others have made it their mission to encourage ocean-friendly eating.

Here are the best fish stores in Toronto.
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The Best Microbrewery in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / June 8, 2016

microbrewery torontoThe best microbreweries in Toronto pour sessional and experimental suds, one off varieties and innovative new brews. While this list used to be pretty short, Toronto's craft beer scene is thriving and new brewers are popping up every which way.

Here are the best microbreweries in Toronto.
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The Best Parks to Have a Picnic in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / June 6, 2016

picnic torontoThe best parks to have a picnic in Toronto are popular destinations as soon as the weather heats up. While some offer little more than a patch of grass in a sea of picnic blankets, others are less populated and offer scenic trails and pristine views best enjoyed with a tall can in a brown paper bag and maybe some snacks if you're feeling fancy.

Here are the best parks in Toronto for a picnic.

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