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The Best Milkshakes in Toronto

Posted by Erinn Beth Langille / July 14, 2014

milkshakes torontoThe best milkshakes in Toronto are trigger of memory, of salivation, of salvation, and always, eventually, of brain freeze. The simple ingredients of ice cream and a glug of milk are transformed when blended into a thick, creamy, nostalgic concoction.

Makers of modern milkshakes take it up a notch, spiking them with booze, making crazy combinations like bacon, fudge and sea salt, topping them with cookies and marshmallows and piles of whipped cream, or introducing elements like foie gras that just sound plain wrong - but on the tongue, do something rather wild and wonderful. The old diner classics, saddled beside a juicy hamburger for maximum impact, will do just fine as well. (And, yes, the best milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard, but must we trot out that one-liner again?)

Here are the best milkshakes in Toronto.

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Best of Toronto

The Best Backyard Patios in Toronto

Posted by Sarah Ratchford / July 11, 2014

backyard patios torontoThe best backyard patios in Toronto will keep you out of sight of the lineups of hostile would-be diners waiting for a spot inside. It's no secret that they're fantasizing about reaching over and snatching that plate of eggs benny right out from under your nose - but backyard patios give a semblance of privacy.

For rooftop (and other) patio ideas, check out our Toronto Patio Guide or download our Patio Guide app for iPhone or Android.

Here, in no particular order, are the best backyard patios in Toronto.

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Best of Toronto

The Best Gelato in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / July 9, 2014

gelato torontoThe best gelato in Toronto is made by artisans with a reverence for tradition - and the creative good sense to go beyond the old school Italian standards like plain ol' bacio or nocciola. This list of gelaterias values quality and craftsmanship, but isn't afraid to have a little fun, especially if that means boozy spiked flavours, or hey, even bacon - excuse me, pancetta-studded variations.

Here is the list of the best gelato in Toronto.

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Best of Toronto

The Best Hummus in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / July 7, 2014

hummus torontoThe best hummus in Toronto is far superior than anything available from a grocery store, and while it's easy enough to whip up at home in a food processor, there is something inherently social about hummus - how it's swiped up with hand-torn pita and shared amongst a spread of mezze.

These aren't just ho-hum hummuses, either. The chickpea puree offered by these restaurants is shown a lot of love; a drizzle of olive oil, a dash of paprika, maybe a flourish of chopped parsley. It isn't just a condiment - you'll find it featured as a filling snack and could even do as a meal, especially when loaded up with warm olives, shawarma or chicken skin cracklings.

Here is the best hummus in Toronto.

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Best of Toronto

The Best Ice Cream in Toronto

Posted by Liora Ipsum / July 4, 2014

ice cream torontoThe best ice cream in Toronto is all about that alchemy of eggs, cream and sugar churned and chilled to perfection. This is crave-worthy stuff, be it scooped or soft serve, and it needs nothing more than a spoon to be enjoyed - meaning that even delicious extras like waffle cones or hot fudge are nothing more than the superfluous cherry on top.

Here is the best ice cream in Toronto.

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Best of Toronto

The Best Caesars in Toronto

Posted by Jen Hunter / July 2, 2014

best caesars torontoThe best Caesars in Toronto come in an astounding variety of styles. What, after all, really makes a Caesar great? Legend has it that this Canadian classic originated in 1969 at Marco's Italian restaurant at the Calgary Inn. Inspired by the dish Spaghetti Vongole (spaghetti with clams), the first drink consisted of tomato and clam juice, Worcestershire sauce, vodka and Tabasco. But over and above these basics, it seems that the sky's the limit.

Compared to its American cousin, the Bloody Mary, the Caesar is generally lighter and easier-drinking, thanks to the addition of clam broth to the tomato juice. Before the past couple of years, however, virtually every iteration had to be made with either Mott's Clamato cocktail, or some similar derivative. As such, what constituted the best had more to do with lavish garnishes and rimmers than much else. But with Toronto's bartenders taking more risks with additions and infusions (can you say bacon?), the times are changing, albeit slowly.

Here are the best Caesars in Toronto.

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