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Posted by Staff / May 30, 2007

Paaeez is a rather minimalist hookah bar and martini lounge right in the middle of Little Italy.

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Shikha / July 21, 2007 at 11:32 PM

"nice place but crap service" don't expect to be treated for what you pay there. Drinks are very expensive and they won't leave you with a feeling of "oh wow never had that one before". The servers FORGET their customer's orders, so if u heading there make sure you tell them like five times other wise they simply ignore you. Overall it was a bad experience as me and my friend left the place due to poor service and didn't get the value for $$..i would rather recommend Oasis hookah bar!!

Miss C. / February 12, 2008 at 9:59 PM

I am shocked at the review I just read. These people have such a high expectation and obviously nothing is good enough for them. You want to spend $6 dollars on a drink and you want your shoe polished too???? Wrong area. I think PAAEEZ looks elegant, has ok service for a busy bar and the good thing is everyone is very friendly and interactive. I have never been disappointed. A bunch of people I know, have been going there for the past couple of years and have never once had a bad experience. Sure I might wait 15 minutes for my drink on a Saturday night, 12:30 but what do you expect, you have to wait your turn. They are not superman behind the bar. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!

tofoodlover / December 22, 2011 at 12:36 PM

I had a really awesome experience here recently! It was a cold night when I got there early to grab a table for a group. I'm greeted and seated at the front.

About 15 minutes pass while I wait for my group. I was not approached by a server or offered a menu during this time.

After everyone gets there, I'm offered a menu, then informed by the server that our group must order a minimum of three alcoholic beverages if we want to keep the table. I point out that one would already have been ordered if I'd been asked. The server apologizes, and mentions that he's just doing what his manager asked him to do. He points to the manager at the bar.

We order food, drinks, and some hukkah. The server returns shortly to inform us that hukkahs are only available if we have a table at the back, since fire regulations don't allow them at the front. Very well then. As we're sipping on the drinks and waiting for food, a hukkah is brought to a table just beside ours, by the front window. I point this out to our server, who gets quite embarrassed, and goes off to talk to the manager again. He returns to inform us that those customers get a hukkah because they had a reservation (fire code was obviously bs). He also states that the manager would like to inform us that we have one hour left at the table, after which we must leave.

I'd had enough. I walked up to the manager, told him what happened, and asked if him if this was standard procedure. He said yes. We cancelled the food, paid for the drinks, and departed.

Never again.

Kaila / February 7, 2012 at 10:13 AM

I absolutely love it here. I've noticed that they throw on only one or two servers at night though, which is why the service is slow. Those poor girls are running around like chickens. But as for the SERVICE its self, its great. Very nice ladies, great drinks, good hookah, awesome dj's and music, nice atmosphere.

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