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Brant House


Posted by Staff / October 11, 2007

A favourite among the Bay Street crowd, Brant House is big and brash. Expect bouncers at the door who'll refuse your entry if you're not wearing the right shoes. Dinner, bottle service and dancing are all on the menu.

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SMMM / November 11, 2008 at 10:09 AM

I was hesitant to go to the Brant House on a long overdue night with the girls after hearing several bad recommendations from people of all walks of life and reading their negative reviews a few websites. However, for the sake of my friends, I decided to keep an open mind. Now, here's the part where I accept full responsibility. My feet got tired and for about two to three minutes, I decided to sit on the floor with another friend. Not my smartest moment, I'll admit. However, after my minute or two was up, I stood up again and went right back to dancing. While dancing with my friends, a bouncer came up to me and said I had to leave for being passed out on the floor. At this point I was not even sleepy so I was a little confused. I said I didn't understand and I wanted proof that I was passed out. He obviously didn't have proof because he threatened to find three other bouncers and "escort" me out of the bar. I asked him to wait a minute to get a friend to go with me. By now four bouncers were surrounding me, and since they very well could not force me to go anywhere against my will, they threatened to call the cops for trespassing. I asked to speak to a manager and they would only give me a business card. I only needed to be asked not to sit on the floor and I would have respected their wishes. I felt their behavior was inappropriate and feel compelled to let other people know about my experience. If you are a young single woman going here, be careful. These bouncers attempted to isolate me from my friends and kick me out on the street in the cold in the middle of the night. I had to argue with them to let me pick up my jacket. All I have to say is watch your back.

ed / November 22, 2008 at 4:51 AM

very bad spot I won't go again. Not anymore ,like before. too bad

*** / September 7, 2009 at 1:10 PM

just another meat market; all the girls look the same (ridiculously high heels that they can't walk in, fake eyelashes, and cheap clubbing dresses from le chateau) ... girls can't dance by themselves without being grabbed left, right, and center by the desperate guys.
being somebody who goes to clubs solely for the music and to dance, i would never return there.

brantrant / September 12, 2010 at 10:48 AM

Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible

My friends and I went here for a birthday party. There was a group of 21 of us. They treated us horrible the second we walked in. They made us order off a fixed price menu without letting us know ahead of time. The reservation was made for 25 people. For each person that didnt show up they charged us $25. Some people just came for drinks - if you didnt eat again they charged you $25. Everyone that ordered the steak had a very hard time chewing this lovely piece of COLD meat. When I sent mine back he brought it back the exact same temp. 10 O'clock hit and they made us get out of our table so they could put all the chairs away to make it into the 'cougar bar'.

Will never be going back!

Helen / November 14, 2010 at 11:03 AM

There are SEVERAL reasons why this mediocre lounge is a waste of your time and money, particularly if you're on guest list. Yesterday night, I held my birthday bash at Brant where I reserved 30 people on guest list. The first five people were guaranteed to get in without cover; the remaining 25 had to pay $10.

So, I got there with 6 other people at 10:30 pm. Pretty early if you ask me. The good thing was there was no lineup but the bouncer claimed that I wasn't even on guest list. So, I peered into the list myself, and lo and behold I was indeed on the list. No biggie, "mistakes" happen. There was also a note verifying that 30 guests were expected. But, when we actually got in, I was unamused to learn that we had to pay $10 cover. What's the point of encouraging people to come early if there's no reward?!

Anyways, about half an hour later, I find out that most of my friends are stuck in line with over an hour wait to get in. So, I talk to the bouncers directly, trying to understand what's with the hold up. They not only rudely tell me to go back inside but question why/how I have so many people on guest list. Ummm, if you ask me, that's a lot of business coming from my party alone. The place wasn't even busy at the time either.

Not only did they refuse entry for my friends who were already on guest list but they refused another one of my guy friends for not dressing "up to par." Granted there's a dress code but seriously telling me that my friends have to wait in line for an hour is absolutely ridiculous and completely unacceptable.

That's just poor business management needing MAJOR PR to reprimand this situation. Not to mention, half of my friends who came are in PR including myself.

Bewildered / March 27, 2011 at 12:47 PM

Horrific experience at Brant House. Being a young professional woman you expect a certain level of decorum - this was not the case. Bouncer made several inappropriate comments after an altercation, including racial ones, plus physical threats as one bouncer stated in public he "has no problem hitting women." Full details below.

A friend of mine accidentally bumped into a girl in the club. This girl and her friend responded by shoving my friend. This in itself is astonishing considering the fact that Brant House is perceived to attract a higher-end clientele and not people who are looking to fight. The bouncers had to intervene when we came to the defence of our friend. The bouncer advised us that we were being kicked out because the other girls (even though he acknowledged they were responsible for starting the altercation) were friends with the owner.

In essence, the rule for clubgoers at Brant House appears to be that as long as you are friends with the owner, you have a license to start an altercation with no risk of negative repercussions.

I returned minutes later as I forgot my credit card at the bar. The bouncer outside was extremely rude and insulting, commenting about how "ugly" we were and that we couldn't get back in to get our card, and then proceeded to instruct the bar not to release my card until after 3am. Seeing as we were kicked out, I simply wanted to get my card back as quickly as possible and move on. After I advised the bouncer that they didn't have a right to continue to hold on to my personal property, several inappropriate comments were exchanged back and forth, including racial comments from the bouncer toward me and a friend. The bouncer further went on to say that he has no problem hitting women and that if I wanted my card back I would have to call 911.

The bouncer clearly didn't think that I would call his bluff, but when I called 911, he immediately retrieved my card and literally threw it in my face. My friends and I are bewildered at the treatment, the comments, and the right the bouncer felt he had to treat people that way.

For Branthouse to tolerate racial comments by its employees plus physical threats to women is despicable.
I've patronized Branthouse numerous times, both with friends and also with private work functions. Suffice to say, that won't happen in the future.

Daniella / August 23, 2011 at 11:58 PM

Worst experience ever !!! Went to a bachelorette party there for dinner followed by dancing. Got there and they confiscated the bride's feather boa and veil stating it was against the dress code. Refused to do separate bills for a party of 15 but were willing to take 15 separate forms of payment..were they unable to do the math ?? They tried moving us during dessert because they needed to clear the chairs from the floor...were we expected to eat our blueberry cheesecake while standing at the bar? We had reserved a booth for bottle service and were told it would be $240 plus tax and gratuity. When time to pick the bottle we were told it was a 3 bottle minimum. We were never told that at time of booking. After talking to the manager we were told we could do 1 bottle but we couldn't have a booth...only a table to stand at, without chairs..yeah right !!! Still tried to make the best of it until we saw another bride (blonde hair, blue eyes and very drunk) wearing her veil. Confronted both the hostess and the manager regarding the double standard. The manager said he would discuss it with security but we didn't wait around to see the end result. We left around the corner to Devils Martini and were treated like royalty. The manager greeted us at the door, covered our entrance fee (party of 15) and got us a booth and bottle for $200 total !!! Thanks to Devil's Martini it ended up being an awesome for Brant House....will celebrate when they go out of business.........

Jame Schoertz / October 30, 2011 at 9:53 PM

I frequent the area due to the traveling nature of my work and have visited the establishment a handful of times. I can honestly say I was never impressed with the place but recent events that have come to light will definitely prevent me from ever visiting.

eliiot / December 23, 2011 at 11:59 PM

The bouncers are idiots, rude and destroy the entire experience. Who needs to be harassed by a bunch of goons when they go to the Brant House. They should be fired and hire some people who actually have class and know how to treat people with respect.

Resto Expert / December 24, 2011 at 11:48 AM

The bouncers destroy the entire experience. Who needs to be harassed by a bunch of bouncers when they go to the Brant House. They should be fired and hire some people who actually have class and know how to treat people with respect. Over the years there have been too many complaints to count about the condescending attitude of bouncers in Toronto

flirty gurrl / September 23, 2012 at 5:52 PM

So I wanted to go somewhere different for my birthday this year and didn't know much about this venue. It looked classy and relaxing and I chose to ignore the comments on line about the terrible staff and bouncers...silly me! We showed up at 10pm and were told by some juice monkey that unless we were on the guest list we wouldn't be getting in until 1130 or midnight. He said they had a full house ass!! When we asked if they could do anything he laughed in our face and suggested we come back at midnight. He did sugget a lounge near by that we could wait at which was decent enough but when I told him we wouldn't be back he turned into a douche bag. He said that now that I'd been mouthy I wouldn't be getting in any time. When I told him to stick it he threatened to have me arrested. Not sure what world he's living in but he should find a job where he knows his limitations and his rights to protect the property...I think he's best suited to guard a construction site. That place needs to clean house but even then, I will never be back!

James R Sinclair / December 8, 2012 at 1:43 PM

Bouncers at Brant House have no respect for women! Bouncers are aggressive ignorant thugs! Slipped heels off after a long day at work and was actually pushed - not escorted -out of the venue by bouncers. No concern was given to belongings at table and no opportunity was granted to retrieve aforementioned possessions. Thrown outside - blazing red arms from physical force as evidence - unable to return for property.

TPS completely useless, as usual. Must, and will, go over TPS's head for vindication.

The long and short of this post...women, if you respect yourselves, avoid this, if you respect your women, stay away!

Will keep you posted!

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