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What's next for the Heydon House at Old Weston Road?

Posted by Rick McGinnis / January 12, 2014

Heydon HouseWhile it's neither grand nor particularly well-preserved, what remains of Heydon House today makes the forlorn intersection of St. Clair West and Old Weston Road where it's sat for over a century seem somehow shabbier. Once a boisterous railway hotel with a dodgy reputation, now a grimy apartment building, Heydon House is rumoured to be a target for redevelopment, as part of a number of schemes to try and revive the fortunes of the streets adjacent to the landmark building.

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Fashion & Style

Inaugural Gentlemen's Expo fashions the modern man

Posted by Rick McGinnis / November 24, 2013

Gentlemens Expo TorontoThe leaves have fallen ahead of the first snow, which means that the city's big convention spaces will be booked solid till the spring with shows - those lifestyle expositions and trade fairs where vendors of everything from vitamins to yachts will try to appeal to our longings. The basic premise of the consumer trade show is that you are what you buy, and this weekend the Gentlemen's Expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre focused on dudes, hosting a hall full of vendors who, taken together, comprise a fascinating and unwieldy picture of modern manliness.

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Best of Toronto

The Best Cigar Stores in Toronto

Posted by Rick McGinnis / November 21, 2013

Cigar Stores TorontoThe best cigar stores in Toronto are in somewhat shorter supply these days on account of the fact that the last great cigar craze peaked somewhere between grunge and the end of the first dotcom boom. At the time, Toronto still had corner stores with humidors and old-fashioned tobacconists, but they were joined by an explosion of upscale cigar bars with walk-in humidors and big selections for men (and a few women) who wanted to live large, in a black-and-white movie kind of way. Some of the stores on this list date from this time, but they're all survivors, selling big wands of premium tobacco in a hostile world.

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The top 10 Toronto punk bands of all time

Posted by Rick McGinnis / November 5, 2013

Punk bands torontoPunk rock took off early and fast in Toronto, and while we can't count ourselves among the first cities of punk — New York and London will forever have that honour — we're probably prime among the second cities, a list that includes Los Angeles, Manchester, San Francisco and Cleveland (Yes — Cleveland). Like any decent city, we've always had the ingredients necessary for a punk scene - lots of bored suburban kids and a few lousy, filthy clubs willing to take a chance on music made as much out of anger as love.

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Best of Toronto

The Best Barber Shops in Toronto

Posted by Rick McGinnis / October 23, 2013

Barber shops TorontoThe best barber shops in Toronto have evolved a bit since the last time we made a list. Two years ago, this roundup consited of a dozen shops that mixed old school barbershops boasting years, even decades of experience with a handful of new shops, some of which strove mightily to echo the talc and Barbisol atmosphere of their elders.

This year's list excludes almost every one of these old school shops (think Aristotelis and Gus the Other Barber, for instance) in favour of the new crop of younger barbers, a few of which skew urban or even edge close to the high end salon. For a business that, a few years ago, looked like it might be going the way of the TV repairman, this is a healthy trend.

Here are the best barber shops in Toronto.

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Big budget TV show liquidates its wardrobe & props

Posted by Rick McGinnis / October 20, 2013

TV series liquidationWhen a long-running TV series is cancelled, it's the end of a world carefully constructed by art directors and set designers and put together by wardrobe supervisors, prop buyers and production assistants. You can see the collected remnants of one of those worlds this weekend in a pair of soundstages on Eastern Avenue, at a liquidation sale conducted by Maynard's, the auctioneers, where the costumes, props, furniture and set dressing from a recently-cancelled US show are being cleared out at startlingly low prices.

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