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OCAD grad wants to cover Toronto in moss graffiti

Posted by Kate Fane / October 9, 2013

Moss grafittiWhether you see it as profound social commentary or an irritating eyesore, the environmental costs of graffiti are impossible to deny. Toxic chemicals and noxious fumes go hand in hand with aerosol spraying, while graffiti removal techniques can be far more damaging than their original target.

But a new wave of environmentally friendly graffiti art has sprouted up on the streets of dozens of urban centres. Using moss as their medium, these living, breathing designs reclaim dead spaces and tear down the divisions between urban and natural landscapes.

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5 things I learned at Power Ball '13 at the Power Plant

Posted by Kate Fane / June 10, 2013

Power Ball 13 TorontoOn Thursday night, over 1,500 guests braved the rain for Power Ball, the Power Plant's annual gala fundraiser. This year's theme was 15 Minutes of Fame, and the usual crowd of Bay Streeters, glitzy media types, and bright young things jumped at their big chance for fashion blog infamy.


The Power Plant is major point of Toronto pride: a world-class art gallery that offers ambitious exhibits, art talks, and public tours, all completely free of charge. But, as usual, art hit the sidelines for the evening, and the Power Ball focused instead on giving its well-heeled crowd a chance to let loose.

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10 creatives elevating Toronto's DIY & small press scene

Posted by Kate Fane / June 3, 2013

Fake Injury PartyOn Saturday night, artistic hotbed 163 Sterling played host to the launch of the Commonwealth, a new collective founded by Go Home Print, Marishka Anne, and Kelsey Stasiak. Banding together over 25 of the city's independent artists, zine creators, and small presses, Saturday night's event was only the first of an upcoming series of curated events to promote Toronto's DIY scene. The turnout was great. Things got real sweaty.

Here are ten of my favourite artists, publications and DIY creators from Commonwealth's inaugural edition.

Fake Injury Party
After graduating from the Sheridan Illustration program, Derrick Guerin, Scott Leeming, and Paul Tjepkema came together to found the Fake Injury Party collective, and have since produced the fabulously titled MAWHORGHAN FAHREEMAN and How the West Was Won't. If you missed Saturday night's sale, copies can also be picked up at the Beguiling.

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Hospital serves up blood bag cocktails & gets a paintjob

Posted by Kate Fane / June 3, 2013

Paint the Halls TorontoYour average hospital fundraiser is a pretty stuffy affair. Golf tournaments, silent auctions, and gala dinners are the norm, and they tend to cater to a very specific demographic (and tax bracket). So when the Women's College Hospital Foundation announced that their latest benefit would allow attendees to run rampant through the halls of an empty hospital while local artists did some serious redecorating, young Torontonians came out in droves.

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Roncesvalles Village gets an art gallery to call its own

Posted by Kate Fane / May 28, 2013

2186 DundasDespite the nearby presence of the art-focused complex on Morrow Avenue that houses heavyweight galleries like Olga Korper, the Roncesvalles area is anything but a destination for emerging art spaces. Addressing the void, a new gallery has landed at Dundas and Roncesvalles that aims to showcase up and coming artists — one that notably takes no commission on the sale of work. Artists take note!

Read my profile of 2186 Dundas in the galleries section.

The top 7 artist collectives in Toronto

Posted by Kate Fane / May 7, 2013

Artist Collectives TorontoWorking as an artist in Toronto offers a lot of benefits: there's an active scene, great art schools and galleries, and increasing attention from international collectors and press. But if you need somewhere to actually, you know, make and display your art, things can get challenging. Rent is skyrocketing, and many long-time studio spaces have been demolished to make room for luxury condos.

Thankfully, Toronto's tight-knit artistic community has found a solution to these problems: the artists collective. By working and exhibiting together, members don't just save on rent: their newfound group also provides them with constant inspiration and input on their work, in addition to greatly broadening their audience.

Toronto has an amazing variety of active artistic collectives, but for this list, we're focusing specifically on those that have their own publicly-accessible studio or gallery spaces.

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