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10 signs you grew up in Scarborough

Posted by Bianca Venerayan / October 30, 2014

scarboroughAs someone who spent her youth in a suburban Scarborough home, I know I still show the quirks of an east-ender, despite having up and left. You can take the girl out of Scarborough but you can't take Scarborough out of the girl.

Here are 10 signs you grew up in Scarborough.

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Sports & Play

How to spend a day in Scarborough

Posted by Bianca Venerayan / October 22, 2014

scarboroughScarborough is one of the biggest districts in the GTA. Spanning from Victoria Park Avenue to the borders of Pickering, it's home to a vastly diverse population due to waves and waves of new immigrants over the years, as well as a handful of natural landmarks worth a long gander.

It's no surprise the neighbourhood is a hotbed for ethnic food and wholesome outdoor activities - there's definitely no roti or greenery quite like Scarborough's anywhere else in the GTA. The area may have an undeserved bad reputation, but there are quite a lot of things to do in its 188 square kilometres.

Here's how to spend a day in Scarborough from morning until late night.

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Eat & Drink

The top 5 juice cleanse options in Toronto

Posted by Bianca Venerayan / October 8, 2014

juice cleanse torontoThe juice cleanse is on the rise in Toronto. While there are a number of recently-opened fresh juice bars and bottled options scattered around town, spots that give you the option to jump on a liquid diet for a few days (or weeks) are a bit harder to come by. In a city that values a good burger/solid food in general, this comes as no surprise.

But for those keen on the purported benefits of the juice cleanse, such as flushing out toxins, charging up on nutrients and - as a result - feeling brand new, it's good to know who can provide enough juice to sustain you. Of course, this kind of detox isn't for everyone - make sure your physician gives you the OK.

Here are my picks for the top 5 juice cleanse options in Toronto.

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Fashion & Style

10 Instagram accounts for Toronto fashion lovers

Posted by Bianca Venerayan / August 12, 2014

vanessacesario_Fashion on Instagram isn't difficult to stumble upon. After all, anyone with a smartphone can take an artful shoe selfie (shoesie?), or a melancholy portrait while wearing cool outfit. But there are a handful of Torontonians working their modest phone cameras into something a little more progressive, turning their feeds into a source of inspiration for fashion enthusiasts everywhere.

In a sea of #ootds, these are the names that stood out to me the most - certainly making the hashtag a lot more bearable to peruse. Here are my picks for the 10 must-follow Instagram accounts for fashion lovers in Toronto.

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Fashion & Style

This Week in Fashion: The Post Market, Blogger Bazaar, Pinewood wardrobe sale, Bellwoods Block Party

Posted by Bianca Venerayan / May 28, 2014

toronto fashionThis Week in Fashion rounds up the week's style news, store openings and closings, pop-up shops, sales and upcoming fashion and design events in Toronto. Find it here every Wednesday morning.


This weekend (May 31 & June 1), visit the old post office at Queen East and Winnifred (1075 Queen St E) for a pleasant surprise: The Post Market - a weekend shopping event filled to the brim with vendors like Violet Crown Vintage, Greenhouse Juice and Fitzroy Boutique. From 11am until 5pm each day, pick through to find treasures like vintage clothing, accessories, apothecary, organic food, and way more.

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Where to find cutting-edge designer threads in Toronto

Posted by Bianca Venerayan / May 21, 2014

jonathan olivia torontoAfter six years, this Ossington mainstay is still going strong. It's the best place in town to find brands like APC, Kenzo, Isabel Marant and many others, with a wide selection for men, women and children alike and a brand-new sale section in the basement. As a bonus, the staff are welcoming and helpful (most of them, anyway).

Read my profile of Jonathan + Olivia in the fashion section.
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