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10 new beers to help you fight the cold in Toronto

Posted by Ben Johnson / February 5, 2015

winter beer torontoWith snow and wind bearing down on Toronto in a manner that would make the Stark family blanch, there seems to be very little worth leaving the house for and it's increasingly tempting to just hide under a blanket with Netflix until Spring arrives.

Thankfully, the city's craft brewers are as dedicated to their calling as the Night's Watch and punishing weather hasn't kept them from doing what they do best: creating excellent new beers that are worth braving the cold.

Here are 10 new local beers to get you through the next wintry onslaught.

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The top 10 ways to learn about beer in Toronto

Posted by Ben Johnson / January 24, 2015

beer classes torontoIt's all well and good to say you're a knowledgeable craft beer fan, but in an era where every hophead with an Untappd account fancies themselves a connoisseur, it's going to take a little more to impress people when you want to wax philisophical over your pint glass.

Why not up your game with these local resources guaranteed to take your beer appreciation to the next level?

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The top 10 events on Robbie Burns Day Toronto 2015

Posted by Ben Johnson / January 21, 2015

Robbie Burns Day TorontoRobbie Burns day in Toronto is as fine an occasion to have a few drinks as one could image. Among Burns' achievements are the fact that he penned some of Scotland's most famous and memorable poems, became a cultural icon and a beacon to liberalism, and was even recently chosen by his people as The Greatest Scot of all time.

He was a celebrity during a time when being a celebrity meant not just taking pictures of yourself on social media but having actual talent, skills, intelligence, and/or abilities. Accordingly, to pay tribute to him, on his birthday on January 25th, we now gather to drink Scotch, eat traditional Scottish fare, and share his poetry. If that's the kind of celebrity worship you want to be a part of, here are 10 places in Toronto where you can toast the man. And take a selfie with your haggis for Instagram. Obvi.

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The top 10 underrated beer bars in Toronto

Posted by Ben Johnson / January 16, 2015

beer bar torontoIn the conversation about the best beer selection in Toronto, many of the same bar names--those with extremely lengthy draught lists and serious effort expended to keep the brews up to date--are always batted about as Toronto's top tier. And while there's little room for argument among those "best" beer bars, the city is slowly becoming home to an array of other great places to have a pint or a bottle of something local, interesting, or rare.

While the tap lineups might not be as deep as some of the other bars and pubs heralded as Toronto's best craft beer bars, these remain great places to go for a beer.

Here are my picks for the top underrated beer bars in Toronto.

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The Beer Store opens itself to wider craft beer selection

Posted by Ben Johnson / January 7, 2015

craft beer store ontarioEarly this morning, news broke that The Beer Store, Ontario's only privately owned beer retailer, would be opening up ownership opportunities to all the province's brewers.

Beleaguered in the mainstream media and online outlets (ahem) as of late owing to growing outrage over the fact that just three companies -- AB InBev, Molson-Coors, and Sapporo -- were allowed exclusive rights to operate beer stores in Ontario, The Beer Store has seemingly acquiesced to popular sentiment and extended an invitation to all of Ontario's brewers to take a seat at their proverbial boardroom table--for a price of course.

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5 Toronto beer trends that need to die in 2015

Posted by Ben Johnson / January 6, 2015

beer trends torontoCraft beer in Toronto has taken off as of late. There is no shortage of exciting developments for lovers of quality local brews and there's a growing scene in the big smoke as supporters embrace all things craft beer.

That said, we still have some lingering bad habits, so here's a list of five things we can all work to change this year.

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