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The top 5 citrus beer made in Toronto

Posted by Ben Johnson / July 4, 2015

fruit beer torontoBeer made with citrus can be fantastic and refreshing on a hot summer day, but with so many radlers, shandies, and a hundred sugary "beers" ending in -arita lining store shelves these days, it's tough to know which ones to get. Thankfully there are a handful of locally made options that keep the citrusy sweetness in check while still delivering a little summer fruity goodness.

Here are my picks for the top citrus beers made in Toronto.

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The top 7 beer events in Toronto for summer 2015

Posted by Ben Johnson / June 26, 2015

beer torontoSummer in Toronto is festival season, and while there's an increasing number of events dedicated to all manner of food and drink, nothing can really compete with an event that explicitly dedicates itself to humankind's greatest invention.

Here are my picks for the top beer events in Toronto this summer.

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The top 10 local beers in Toronto for summer 2015

Posted by Ben Johnson / June 13, 2015

summer beer torontoToronto's ample craft beer offerings will keep you refreshed no matter what your circumstance this summer. Whether it be a weekend afternoon in the park or a late night barbecue, nothing says summer like a nice beer.

Here are my picks for the top local beers in Toronto this summer.

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The top 15 events at Ontario Craft Beer Week 2015

Posted by Ben Johnson / June 12, 2015

ontario craft beer weekOntario Craft Beer Week kicks off today for the sixth tribute to the great beers made by the Ontario Craft Brewers member organization. There are hundreds of events occurring across the province, but as you can imagine, all the good events are being held in Toronto because obviously.

As with previous years, OCB Week is something of a double-edged sword: It's the excellent excuse you've been looking for to drink every night for a week, but it's also overwhelming how many bloody options there are to get your craft beer fix. Thankfully, you have me to steer you toward the good ones. Just think of me as your tipsy goodwill ambassador.

Here are my picks for the top events at OCB Week this year.

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Will Toronto ever be the craft beer capital of the world?

Posted by Ben Johnson / May 10, 2015

20150708-beer-toronto.jpgCould Toronto ever be the so called craft beer capital of the world? That's the question that's been raised recently thanks to a joint proposal put forward by two city councillors who, conceivably, have recognized craft beer's potential to draw tourism and create jobs in the city (a similar realization has led to the Music City initiative) .

While the idea is a noble one, in order to determine if that's even possible, it's probably worthwhile to see how we stack up as a craft beer city right now. The recent boom in craft beer here and the gratuitous coverage it receives from hop fiend fan boy bloggers might make it seem that there are new craft breweries opening here every day, but how many do we actually have?

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The top 10 beer festivals near Toronto for 2015

Posted by Ben Johnson / May 3, 2015

beer festivals near torontoBeer festivals outside of Toronto obviously can't be as good as those held in Toronto by virtue of the fact that everything we do here, we do way cooler, but that doesn't mean that they aren't worth checking out if you happen to be in the area, right?

Besides, if you're at a festival that no one in Toronto really knows about, doesn't that make you cooler than them? Look, I don't know what cool is, OK? Here are some fun events related to beer that would make a great excuse for a road trip. Stop worrying about what everyone thinks.

These are my top picks for beer festivals and events happening this year outside of Toronto.

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