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Duggan's Brewery settles into new home in Parkdale

Posted by Ben Johnson / December 8, 2014

brewery torontoVeteran brewer Mike Duggan is back in action, reopening his namesake brewpub in a sprawling space in Parkdale. In addition to a retail space and a kitchen cranking out takes on pub favourites, a full brewery dedicated to experimental, small-batch brews will soon be up and running in the basement. The brewpub is an ambitious project, but for Duggan, who's setting his sights on pushing the Duggan's brand worldwide, it's just the beginning.

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Gluten free brewery asks for help to get to Beer Store

Posted by Ben Johnson / November 19, 2014

GlutenbergIn potentially interesting news for both the gluten-intolerant and new brewers considering the costs and merits of working with The Beer Store, Montreal's Glutenberg, purveyors of award-winning gluten-free beer, have this week launched an Indiegogo campaign to ask for assistance bringing their beer to Ontario.

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How hard is it to open a brewery in Toronto?

Posted by Ben Johnson / November 9, 2014

Indie Alehouse TorontoToronto now lays claim to 10 fully operational microbreweries, and there are roughly half a dozen more in the planning stages. When you also consider the numerous contract brewers that call the city home, local breweries opening or trying to open second locations, the growing number of nano-breweries, and even the out of province outfits coming to town, it's not unrealistic to say that we're currently enjoying a boom in craft beer.

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The top 10 Twitter accounts for Toronto beer fans

Posted by Ben Johnson / November 6, 2014

toronto beer twitterWith the recent groundswell of small and independent brewers in Ontario, social media has proven an increasingly popular (and affordable) tool with which to promote one's brewery. Accordingly, so too have the resources available to beer fans to track all that news.

At the risk of giving away roughly 90% of most beer writer's resources, here are the 10 best twitter accounts for keeping up to date with all things beer in Toronto.

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New Toronto company delivers craft beer to your door

Posted by Ben Johnson / November 1, 2014

brew boxCraft beer delivered to your door. It's the dream of beer fans the world wide, and now it's available to people in cities across Ontario.

The Brew Box Company, founded by five young Torontonians with varying business backgrounds, arose from the recognition that there was a need for a service that could help Ontarians discover new and unique craft beer from independently owned brewers across the province. "We were at the Corned Beef House," co-founder Rob Jackiewicz tells me, "and I had just come back from Montreal with a couple cases of craft beer and we started wondering why it isn't possible to get a selection of good craft beer in Ontario without driving everywhere."

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Sprawling new brewpub lands on the Danforth

Posted by Ben Johnson / October 14, 2014

brewpub torontoThe onslaught of brewpubs in Toronto is in full swing, with the latest addition to our growing inventory setting up shop on the Danforth. The slick space is adorned with a tin ceiling and plenty of TVs for sports fans, while the menu offers a mix of traditional pub offerings beside more adventurous fair (think Cornish game hen). The beer leaves me with mixed feelings, but it surprisingly might not be the main factor in determining the potential of this new spot.

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