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5 most anticipated Toronto brewery openings in 2015

Posted by Ben Johnson / December 26, 2014

Toronto breweriesWith the recent growth of craft beer in Toronto and the rest of the province and the inherent delays that come with opening a brewery, it can be tough to keep track of just when all the announced new breweries are actually opening. That said, 2015 promises to be a banner year for craft breweries in the city, as new operations arrive on the scene and old favourites expand to new digs.

Here's a list of five Toronto breweries to watch out for that will (likely) be opening
their doors next year.

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The top 5 new craft beers in Toronto from 2014

Posted by Ben Johnson / December 23, 2014

new craft beer torontoOwing to the increasing number of brewers in the city, every year vetting the ever-growing output of craft beer made in Toronto to find the very best becomes a more and more difficult task. Thankfully, my constitution and my inability to deal with emotions make me uniquely suited to the task of consistently consuming large quantities of alcohol in my quest to find the beers that rise above the others.

Here are the fruits of my trauma-suppressing labours -- the top local beers of the last year.

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Beer Academy to be replaced by Creemore brewpub

Posted by Ben Johnson / December 16, 2014

the beer academy torontoA new chapter is being written in the long history of troubled beer ventures at 75 Victoria Street. Sources report that, by the end of the year, The Beer Academy, the brewery and event space run by Six Pints Specialty Beer Company, will close its doors permanently.

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The top 10 local beers to drink this winter in Toronto

Posted by Ben Johnson / December 15, 2014

winter beer torontoIt's that time of year, when the neighbourhood-branded toques come out and we snuggle that slightly stinky stranger on the subway just a little closer to stay warm. It's also a time when our taste in beer migrates toward the darker, boozier offerings to keep Jack Frost from nipping at our noses - among other extremities.

Here are my picks for local beers to drink this winter in Toronto.

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10 holiday gift ideas for the beer lover in Toronto

Posted by Ben Johnson / December 12, 2014

beer gift guide torontoThat time of year when you start to sweat about to get the last few people on your shopping list is nearly upon us. But, as long as the people on your list are into beer (and if they're not, why are you friends with them?), I've got you covered.

Read on to avoid that annual panicked trip to Shopper's Drug Mart that ended up with you buying everyone magazines and novelty tooth brushes last year.

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Duggan's Brewery settles into new home in Parkdale

Posted by Ben Johnson / December 8, 2014

brewery torontoVeteran brewer Mike Duggan is back in action, reopening his namesake brewpub in a sprawling space in Parkdale. In addition to a retail space and a kitchen cranking out takes on pub favourites, a full brewery dedicated to experimental, small-batch brews will soon be up and running in the basement. The brewpub is an ambitious project, but for Duggan, who's setting his sights on pushing the Duggan's brand worldwide, it's just the beginning.

Read my profile of Duggan's Brewery (Parkdale) in the restaurants section.
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