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What's the worst thing you've lost on the TTC?

Posted by Natalia Manzocco / August 10, 2014

ttc lost foundThe creature that steals my socks out of the laundry has a cousin. It lives in the tunnels of the TTC, and it wants my gloves and mittens (but only one at a time). When a single matched pair survives a whole winter, I basically throw a party. If you're like me, and you've sacrificed countless personal treasures (keys, priceless artworks, true love, your sanity) to our city's transit system, a new project wants to make beautiful public art out of your sob story.

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The top 10 performances to catch at SummerWorks 2014

Posted by Keith Bennie / August 6, 2014

Summerworks torontoThis year the SummerWorks Performance Festival moves into the new digs at the Theatre Centre, firmly establishing itself as the west-end theatre jam of the year. On offer at the festival's Hub are a collection of arts conversations and parties that carry the energy from artists and audiences throughout the week. Those performances, on stage and at site-specific venues, include six shows in the Music Series, three Musical Works in Concert, thirteen Live Art interactions, and an immense collection of theatre examined below as part of the National and Juried series.

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The top live theatre shows in Toronto August 2014

Posted by Keith Bennie / August 3, 2014

theatre august 2014 torontoEach month we round up the most noteworthy live theatre productions playing in Toronto.

SummerWorks Performance Festival
/ various venues / August 7-17 / $15

Festivals reign supreme during the summer theatre calendar in Toronto, and there is none more anticipated than the annual SummerWorks Performance Festival. The juried performance series features dozens of exciting shows and is accompanied by music and live art series, as well as a host of additional programming and partnerships to keep arts lovers buzzing. The talked-about shows usually book up quickly so it's best to stay ahead of the pack. Keep your eyes peeled for a full SummerWorks preview next week.

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New Toronto street signs state the obvious

Posted by Aubrey Jax / July 29, 2014

toronto street signsStreet art Toronto has been lax - the same few styles again and again, with weirdo sticker art, perplexing stencils and wheatpastes, and odd fake celebrity signatures fading out of sight. Old guard graffiti freaks are growing up and, tired of being buffed, moving on to galleries, over-working their straight jobs, or (well, hopefully not) serving time - and new creative talents are spending their efforts online instead of on the streets.

That's a shame - but it's not all Anser faces (no diss to Anser, who's been a comfort for a decade now) out there in 2014. Take Denise St Marie and Timothy Walker (TIMEANDDESIRE)'s new sign installations. You might've already done a double take of these ominous signs, playing permits, urban animals, or their Recursive Series on Toronto streets this summer.

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Colourful parade and dance-off turns heads in Toronto

Posted by Staff / July 28, 2014

Castles in the Sky paradeCastles in the Sky's 2014 parade this past Saturday saw costumed marchers take to the streets not to turn complicated political issues into soccer-match-esque hysteria, but to add some colour and wonder to Toronto's streets via balloons, bubbles, masks, sparkles, and a possible unicorn spotting.

Newmindspace's annual parade gathered at Bloor and Spadina at 3pm and made its way from St. George Station to Union Station and up to Maple Leaf Square, where more bubbles were blown and a dance party confused onlookers before the parade continued to the Island. This year's throng seemed a little smaller than years previous, possibly owing to the sheer mass of events going on in the city, but the feeling of well-organized spontaneity (shh, why not) kept spirits high.

Check out our photo gallery for 10 memories from Castles in the Sky's renegade parade.

Art and beer collide at drawing event in Kensington

Posted by Staff / July 26, 2014

draw by nightDraw By Night Toronto celebrated a year anniversary this past Wednesday with one of its most successful events to date as it attracting over 60 established and emerging artists as well as first-time doodlers to Handlebar in Kensington Market. Draw by Night is a public event promoting creativity, imagination and collaboration.

The drink-and-draw event was introduced by a featured artist Stephanie Ramon (a storyboard professional working in Toronto's TV and film industry) with a live demonstration of the theme "Streetcar Named The Rocket" - a playful topic where each doodler was able to create a unique version of what an individual TTC wagon might have looked like.

Check out our photo gallery of Draw by Night Well where artists created what might be the longest and craziest streetcar in the world.

The next event is scheduled in September with a new secret theme, make sure to follow Draw by Night's updates on their Facebook page.
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