The Toronto Patio Guide app, available for both iPhone and Android, features photos and need-to-know details for hundreds of local patios. Search by distance, neighbourhood, patio type and more to find the patio right for you.

This is a companion app to the web site.

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Key Features

Patios Near Me

Find patios nearby or look for ones in a specific neighbourhood. The app will tell you your distance from the patio and even suggest a route to get there.

Select a Patio

Choose a specific patio. View photos, address and contact info, see what beers they have on tap and other need to know info like hours, capacity and more.

Advanced search options

Find patios by type (rooftop, backyard, sidewalk, courtyard), establishment (bar, restaurant, pub, nightclub), price point, reservation policy and more.

Save Your Favourites

Keep track of your favourite patios by saving them to your blogTO profile. Just tap the heart symbol next to the name of any of the patios.

Feeling lucky? Shake it

Can’t decide where to go. Shake the app and we’ll suggest a patio you might like. Don’t like our suggestion? Just shake again.