Toronto Foods Trucks is your guide to the local food trucks scene. Find trucks nearby, view photos and details of their menu, upload your own photos and get the latest food truck news and event info.

This is a companion app to the web site.

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Key Features

Trucks Near Me

Find trucks nearby and view their locations on a map. Local food trucks provide us with their real time information of where they are and when they’re in service.

Select a Truck

Choose a specific truck. View photos of their menu items, prices and other details. Learn more about who they are and connect with them via social media.

News & Events

Get the latest news and events info as it’s updated on the web site. We pull in the site’s RSS feed so you’ll never miss an update.

Save Your Favourites

Keep track of your favourite trucks by saving them to your blogTO profile. Just tap the heart symbol next to the name of any of the food trucks.

Add Your Photos

Share your food truck adventures with other users of the app. Just tap the camera button on any truck page to easily snap, add a filter effect and upload your photo.